Who’s the real dummies?   13/2/2013

Canberra political operatives have been caught treating voters of ultra-marginal seat Corangamite like hicks.
In response, constituents of Darren Cheeseman have told him: “Bollocks”!

The editor of a country Victorian newspaper says political operatives in Canberra have tried to hijack community debate over the effect of funding cuts on the local hospital.

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Dopey stuff   

The doping in sport scandal is looking increasingly like a stunt to get all of Labor’s bad news off the front page.

JASON Clare has defended the Australian Crime Commission’s decision publicly allege widespread doping in Australian sport in the absence of a single criminal investigation.
The Home Affairs Minister told Sky News that the ACC would have been wrong to suppress its report on sports doping and organised crime, which cast a shadow over the nation’s elite athletes and sporting codes.

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