Craig’s dissed   1/2/2013

Federal minister Craig Emerson is either a fool or a liar. Bolta calls him on it.

None of this is to say the world did not warm last century and will not resume warming at some stage. The point is that the world over the past 16 years has not warmed as climate models and warmist scientists predicted.
How could a Minister of the Gillard Government not know any of this after foisting a carbon tax on us to help “stop” global warming? He should be told.

Reminds one of that old adage about brains and monuments. In this case a monument to stupidity.

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All happening   

A couple of days is a long time in politics:

TONY Abbott has capitalised on the fraud charges laid against former Labor MP Craig Thomson to launch a fresh attack on the judgment of Julia Gillard, whose bid to assert control over the political debate by naming the election date early was swamped by the scandal.

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