Alarm bells   10/1/2013

The ABC (Australian Bolshevik Collective?) hasn’t let a single opportunity pass in the current heatwave to flog its global warming dead horse.
If citizens took the ABC seriously, our farms would become deserts, our rivers would run dry and the elderly would drop like flies.
News flash, dummies: it’s summer and Australia sometimes endures extra hot spells during that season.
Alarmists would be better and more objectively employed by perusing the lastest forecasts from UK’s Met Office.

THERE will be no further warming of the planet’s surface over the next five years, Britain’s Met Office has forecast.
This downgrading of predictions for the effects of climate change mean that by 2017 it is projected there will have been no global increase in temperature for almost 20 years.

Wayne Swan gets branded Goose, but pathetic Skyhooks impersonator and onetime Gillard bedmate Craig Emerson gives him a run for his money in the dopiness stakes.
Emerson is the latest of a string of alarmists to use the recent heatwave to whip up manmade global warming hysteria.
His article appeared in The Australian only centimetres from an editorial referring to the aforementioned UK Met office forecast.
Correspondents to The Oz are enjoying great sport with Emmo’s gullibility. Bet his harder-headed ministerial comrade, Martin Ferguson, is enjoying a chuckle at Emerson’s expense.

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Great yarn   

Credit where it’s due and the ABC deserves an award for this wonderful story it broke about a family surviving Tasmania’s bushfires this week.

For two-and-a-half hours, the family huddled beneath the jetty, up to their necks in water, gulping mouthfuls of increasingly toxic air. “There were times when we had to move deeper because it was too hot, and there were times when the jetty itself caught fire,” he told Australia’s ABC Radio. With smoke and embers swirling around them, “there was probably only about 200-300mm of air above the water”.

The images alone are priceless.

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