Learned opinion   19/12/2012

Gillard and Co might think they’ve swept the AWU slush fund scandal under a heavy duty axminster but the stinking lump of corruption is still quite visible.
A former chief corruption fighter and university chancellor is the latest to suggest possible wrongdoing by the Prime Harridan.

Gillard advised Blewitt on the incorporation of the association and prepared the rules of the association and, following a query from the commissioner, wrote arguing for the incorporation of the association.
The letter has not been disclosed so it is impossible to draw any conclusions about it. Gillard has maintained that she did nothing wrong but has not explained why she says that.
However, without some explanation from her as to what occurred, there is, in my opinion, a prima facie case that she could have been charged along with Blewitt as she drafted the rules of the association for Blewitt knowing that the rules did not disclose the purpose for which the association was being incorporated.

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Dumb despots   

Thanks to Janet Albrechsten for further proof that the irredeemably stupid fit naturally into the nanny state.

A Perth policeman issues a $250 fine to a woman for using a mobile phone while pushing a pram. The police later apologise and withdraw the fine, admitting a pram is not a vehicle.
The parents of a deaf child named Hunter are advised by his Nebraska preschool that he needs to change his name as it offends the school’s “weapons in schools” policy ban.
A British man trying to buy a chocolate pudding from his local supermarket is asked whether he is over 18 because reheating a pudding in a microwave oven may cause burns. The shop apologises and admits buying the pudding doesn’t require proof of age.

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