Definitely disturbing   18/12/2012

Here’s a report guaranteed to produce a tsunami of puns and wordplay:

A 37-year-old Swedish woman with an admitted obsession with skeletons has been convicted of disturbing the peace of the dead for allegedly using human bones for sexual purposes.

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Foul abuse   

Hope Maurice Newman mounts a defamation action against the ABC for likening climate sceptics, such as himself and a significant section of the Australian population, to pedophiles and crack users.

On November 24, Robyn Williams intoned to his audience on ABC’s The Science Show, “if I told you that pedophilia is good for children, or asbestos is an excellent inhalant for those with asthma, or, that smoking crack is a normal part and a healthy one of teenage life, you’d rightly find it outrageous. Similar statements are coming out of inexpert mouths again and again, distorting the science”. My article was given as an example of an anti-scientific position.

Better still would be a class action so lots of us could take a slice of the ABC’s lying leftwing arse.
The bolshie broadcasters must be really confident in their case when they’re forced to resort to such obscene slander.
Yet another convincing reason for putting the Australian Broadcasting Collective on the auction block.

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