Getting better all the time   15/12/2012

Warmenistas are waffling, but their own figures deny their past predictions.
Australian global warming scaredy cat Steve Sherwood gives a most illuminating but unscientific response:

But, you know, look at it if you want, but I would suggest to people to wait for the final report to come out, which will be better than the draft that’s there now.

It will be “better”?!!!

Meanwhile, the Australian Press Council is revealed as nothing more than a denier of free speech.

The Press Council’s ruling claims that by not noting what the Met Office said, my article “was likely to be interpreted as implying that the Met Office had the same view” of its data. News flash to the council. The Met indeed has the same view.
The Met does not and cannot deny its data shows what I reported – no statistically significant warming for 15 years (now 16 years).

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