You naughty kiddies   11/12/2012

When fools get promoted beyond their capability, they’re prone to authoritarian behaviour. The Federal Government’s proposed changes to discrimination laws to make it illegal to offend someone shows that Attorney-General Nicola Roxon is such a nong. And I hope she’s bloody well offended by my observation.

ABC chairman and former top jurist Jim Spigelman has warned that a planned overhaul of discrimination law will impose unprecedented restrictions on free speech, including making it unlawful to offend people, leaving the nation isolated from international norms.

Every libertarian should make it their duty to offend these federal tinpot despots at every opportunity. Nasty little nuff-nuffs.

Chris Merrett comments:

Had she (Roxon) confined it to real discrimination, and adopted an orthodox approach to fundamental questions like guilt and innocence, this bill might have amounted to a lasting legacy.
But she put forward a scheme that treats the community like naughty children.
It would enforce political correctness by making it unlawful to give offence.
Publications could be banned. Liability for religious slights at work would be assumed – unless the accused could prove otherwise.

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