Lotsa lovin’   7/12/2012

A redhead tells her blonde sister: “I slept with a Brazilian.”
The blonde replies: “Oh my God, you slut! How many’s a Brazilian?”

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On ice   

Excellent piece in the Geelong Addy by former colleague Karen Mathews on the ice epidemic sweeping our city’s crime circles.

As a court reporter of some years standing, I’d like a dollar for every time during the last 12 months a lawyer has stood up and told a court his client had no memory of bashing someone’s head in, leaving them in a coma.
No memory of stealing a car and driving at 150km/h in a 70 km/h zone, putting the lives of every other person on the road at risk.
No memory of holding a gun in the face of some innocent young kid working at the local servo, just to get a bit of cash for the next fix.
And certainly no memory of breaking into the house of some elderly pensioner during the night, terrorising them with a knife, stealing what little they have and leaving them to face their twilight years, traumatised and afraid to be alone.

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