Straight answers required   23/11/2012

This looks increasingly likely to end in tears.

VICTORIA Police said today its fraud and extortion squad is assessing a file on alleged misappropriation of union funds, as a former AWU bagman was interviewed by detectives about a slush fund scandal linked to Julia Gillard.

All three Melbourne dailies front-paged the scandal today, and the ABC has finally decided there could be a story here:

CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: Prompted by the renewed coverage of the issue, today Nick Styant-Browne, now a lawyer in Seattle, decided to give his first television interview to reveal what he knows about the slush fund saga. He’s provided 7.30 with documents that he says shed new light on Julia Gillard’s involvement in a key transaction associated with the fund: the purchase of this house in Kerr Street, Fitzroy. One document is a previously unseen excerpt from an interview between Ms Gillard and her superiors at Slater & Gordon in which she told them she had first learned about the mortgage on the property in 1995. Another document is a Commonwealth Bank fax addressed to Ms Gillard which refers to the mortgage details in 1993. Nick Styant-Browne says the documents raise important new questions.

Styant-Browne is not vacillating:

Mr Styant-Brown said that while there was a ”spectrum” of views across the firm’s partnership, there was ”deep disquiet” about Ms Gillard’s conduct.
”There is absolutely no doubt that Ms Gillard not only knew of the Slater & Gordon mortgage in March of 1993, but was specifically involved in taking steps to facilitate that mortgage,” he said on 7.30 on Thursday night.

Gillard has just told a press conference that she could not be expected in 1995 to remember handling the slush fund mortgage two years earlier.
That roar across the nation? The non-delusional majority cranking up a mighty ”OH YEAH!!!!”

And the hacks were told ”it’s a smear campaign” repeatedly. Of course AbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbottAbbott got a run. Gawd, this mob are predictable. They could bore for Australia.

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Precious pack   

Erin shows Arlo where his mum and dad went on one of their first dates – Mt Buller summit.

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