Confused roles   15/11/2012

Cripes, imagine the outrage from the eternally aggrieved when this becomes common knowledge:

WHEN she’s not running his bath, fetching the newspaper or blowdrying his hair the Opposition Leader’s wife, Margy Abbott, is often flopped on the couch at The Lodge watching him in parliament.

Oh, the misogyny of expecting the little woman to be available at all hours to tend to his every need.

When Mr Abbott returned home very late that night Margy was asleep but she says she woke up and drew him a bath.
“Obviously he’d had a big day,” she said.

But Margy tries so hard to be relevant:

At home she behaves like a very caring and solicitous partner, delivering the busy Opposition Leader his morning paper and helping with an early morning blow wave for the television cameras.
“Then I have to recover during the day and sit on the couch and watch parliament which usually puts you to sleep . . .,” she said.

Wonder which press gallery member will be first to point out the staggering hypocrisy revealed in this article? Don’t hold your breath.

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