The boys   8/11/2012

Son and grandson enjoy each other’s company.

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Worrying signs   

Might be time for a visit to the financial adviser.

Investors cast their own vote on the presidential race Wednesday, and the result was a landslide rout that could have lasting repercussions beyond Tuesday’s results.

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Vote holds up   

Every vote counts:

An armed masked man who robbed a Warren convenience store on Tuesday also told the clerk at gunpoint to vote for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

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Still odds-on Libs   

Media know-alls would have you believe that a Federal election would be a neck and neck proposition.
It’s a view still not shared by the smart-money folk.
Centrebet has the Coalition at $1.34 and Sportsbet quotes $1.40. A Labor win is paying $3.18 at Centrebet and $2.80 at Sportsbet.
In early September, Centrebet had a Coalition win returning $1.28 for a $1 investment and Labor $3.60. The amalgam odds offerer, IASbet, squeezed the Libs into $1.25 and Labor $3.50.

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