Wise words   31/8/2012

America’s grand literary heritage, as shown by Twain, Whitman, Steinbeck, London and Melville, is embedded in expression of the most powerful ideas in simple language.
Should Mitt Romney win the presidency his victory could well be credited to his unexpected display of this phenomenon in his speech today to the Republican Party convention. In particular, this line:

“President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.”

Everything’s there: a shared grasp of reality, an understanding of primary values, a distrust of hyperbole and above all, a cutting wit.

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The goons show   29/8/2012

In his long-ago youth, this soon-to-be-retiree knew some fine people who happened to be union officials. In particular, two stood out: the grand old man of the Printing and Kindred Industries Union, Les Cahill, and his protege Brian Smiddy. They were passionate for the rights of their members and would go down every legal avenue to advance the cause. But they were always civil to their opponents, stood by agreements and always used calm, persuasive, informed language.
How times have changed. And like so much else, what a change for the worse.

A SENIOR union official who is suing Opposition leader Tony Abbott for allegedly implying he is a union thug deliberately drove his car at a building site manager following a violent protest in Melbourne this morning, a court has heard.

Wait, there’s more:

THE extraordinary police record of John Setka, one of the nation’s most powerful unionists, finally has been laid bare, with 60 charges leading to dozens of convictions and fines including for theft, assault by kicking, criminal damage and assaulting police.

And that’s not all:

BIKIES, thugs and organised crime syndicates have hijacked some of the state’s most important building projects, Victoria’s new construction cop alleges.
Building watchdog Nigel Hadgkiss was appointed by the Baillieu Government to rein in union power and clean up the construction industry.
He said physical assaults by union heavies, the hiring of outlaw motorcycle gangs to enforce security on sites and standover tactics were prominent in the industry.

The outlaw behaviour of CFMEU stooges on the streets of Melbourne this week follow revelations of massive corruption in the AWU and the HSU.
Surely, a Royal Commission into the activities of Australian trade unions is well and truly overdue.

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Basket case wooing   

You’d think this federal government, which has failed so spectacularly on so many fronts, would be wary of doing anything which might further threaten the Australian economy. Particularly when inflation figures and employment numbers offer a couple of glimmers flickering from a blackdrop of stunning incompetence.
But no, fools continue to rush in, as Terry McCrann observes:

THE symbolism couldn’t be more deliciously appropriate: we are linking the collective insanity of our carbon tax to the collective insanity of Europe’s.
It was made even more deliciously appropriate by the complete and utter unknowingness projected by Climate Change Minister Greg Combet in his press conference yesterday.
Europe is the world’s basket case. Spain and Greece have unemployment rates of 25 per cent. Their youth unemployment rates are 50 per cent. To repeat, 50 per cent – one in every two young Spaniard and Greek is out of work and with precious little prospect of finding it.
The overall jobless rate for the European Union – our new partner – is more than 10 per cent.
Europe has been in semi-recession since the GFC and looks like staying there – unless it plunges into a real recession. Or worse. Even the powerhouse Germany is now limping.
And that’s just the economy, stupid, as the infamous saying goes.

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Killer with kindness   27/8/2012

The soft coughs of Scandinavian socialism reap what they sow:

The Ila prison offers inmates access to university-level courses and he has demanded to study political science. Its facilities include a library and gym, and inmates are allowed to work making furniture, hats and gloves.
At present, Breivik is kept in isolation in a spacious cell that includes a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, an office with a computer and a printer, and a workout room with a treadmill.
His computer has no link to the internet but the prison authorities installed an offline version of Wikipedia.
Prison officials said they considered isolation to be “torture” and they aimed to integrate Breivik into prison life.
Ellen Bjercke, a prison spokeswoman, said: “He has human rights. This is about creating a humane regime.”
Commentators say Breivik will continue to get what he always wanted: a platform to spread his racist ideology.

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Boring whingers   26/8/2012

Militant feminists never let a chance go by to remind you that it’s all about their gender being unfairly under attack. If anyone says something that can be even remotely construed as challenging their position of power, it’s “sexist” or “misogynist”.
Take the Acting Speaker of Parliament Anna Burke, for instance.

“People say, ‘Why not get a better haircut?’ No men would get that about their haircut,” she says.

Crap, in this house we never stop chortling at vain buggers like Craig Emerson and Kevin Andrews with their boot-polished hair.
Anyway, it’s my experience as a moderator of online feedback that the more numerous and harshest critics of female politicians’ appearance are other women.
Burke and Gillard would get more respect if they stopped playing the victim – in the process displaying a lower than expected IQ – and acted like leaders. Instead they whine like Humber diffs at every perceived slight.
And who are they? Their earnings are at upper middle class levels, they’ve been the beneficiaries of free tertiary eduction and they’ve had armchair rides through the Labor incubators to reach positions of power in an administration marked by spectacular incompetence.
Millions of Australian men and women who do their jobs properly are far worse off than them. And, as a visitor to this site notes: many of those Aussies are worse off because of them.

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Another domino down   25/8/2012

Labor’s collapse in the states and territories continues as the Country Liberal Party seizes power in the Northern Territory with a two-party preferred vote of 55 per cent to 43 after 62 per cent of votes are counted.
And boy, aren’t the lefty commentators on Sky shattered? Particularly that hack Speers, who’s got the longest face seen today outside of the starting barriers.
Who the hell runs that newsroom? Surely, pay TV subscribers who spend their hard-earned on news want more than second-string journos with socialist sympathies.

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Mood lifter   23/8/2012

Let me cure your blues, honey:

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Slush fund? Trust it to be   

Some poor bugger at The Australian made a blue and referred to Julia Gillard setting up a “trust” fund for her rorting former boyfriend.
By Gillard’s own admission, it was not a trust fund but a “slush” fund.
The Australian apologised.
Surely a case of the truth hurting? More?
Only the shallow and the partisan would accept Gillard’s pathetic Bart Simpson defence (“I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove a thing.”) at today’s press conference and I think Bolta is bending over backwards to be seen to be fair to the PM.
And she claims those seeking the truth are “sexist”. Who, Janet Albrechsten, Julie Bishop, Lenore Taylor, who’ve all said she has serious questions to answer?
The “sexist” and “racist” sledge has replaced nazi slurs as a clear sign you have lost the argument.
Presumably, Gillard was referring to Larry Pickering’s efforts in this matter which have clearly upset and hurt her. So why doesn’t she sue Pickering if he is so wide of the mark? Well, she said she wouldn’t take Pickering to court because he is broke.
I would have thought the courts were the ideal place to clear your reputation, regardless of your opponent’s financial status.
So why doesn’t the PM want the truth to surface before the bench or the parliament?

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Vast left wing conspiracy?   21/8/2012

Pathetic ALP apologist and ABC broadcaster Jon Faine says Julia Gillard has no case to answer in the matter of her – as a Slater and Gordon senior partner – setting up a secret account that allowed a corrupt union official to rort his membership to the tune of $400,000.
Various hacks at Fairfax parrot the same “move along, nothing to see here”, or “it’s ancient history” lines to a story they would gnaw to the bone if it involved Tony Abbott.
So, how do they square with figures from the left demanding that Gillard explain herself?

INDEPENDENT MP Andrew Wilkie has urged Julia Gillard to make a parliamentary statement about her time at law firm Slater & Gordon, saying the Prime Minister should address “serious allegations” levelled against her to put the issue to bed.
The call came as Health Services Union national secretary Kathy Jackson pushed for the Australian Workers Union to be investigated over 17-year-old allegations that funds were received by union figures via a legal entity Ms Gillard helped establish.

Former Labor senator Graham Richardson said last night Ms Gillard had “questions to answer” surrounding allegations that the Prime Minister didn’t create a legal file for Mr Wilson when he was a client.
“If it’s indeed true that she didn’t create a file, that’s a serious matter and you’ve got to say why,” he told ABC’s Q&A.

Andrew Bolt adds a few more lefty names demanding honest explanations in this matter:

In fact, the scandal was recently raised in Parliament by former Labor Attorney-General Robert McClelland. It is being researched by a former Socialist Left unionist turned lawyer Harry Nowicki. It has been given fresh momentum for a former Slater & Gordon partner Nick Styant-Browne, It has been kept alive by allegations by former AWU officials Ralph Blewett and Bob Kernohan. The most devastating indictment was an affidavit by then AWU national secretary Ian Cambridge, now a Gillard-appointed judge of Fair Work Australia. The man who gave me the most damaging insight into the affair was another senior AWU official. The story has recently been pursued by Fairfax’s Financial Review.

Roger Franklin, online editor at Quadrant, examines just one role the PM played in her actions for the AWU squeeze-a-thon:

And there is also the question of what Gillard understood to be the association’s real purpose. Blewitt listed workplace safety, and Gillard many other objectives. According to former Slater & Gordon partner Nick Styant-Browne, quoted in The Australian, she admitted when questioned by her S&G peers to having regarded it from the start as “a slush fund”. How WA authorities might have treated the application had that purpose been honestly stated can never be known.

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By George, a disgrace   12/8/2012

George Megalogenis is an embarrassment to News Ltd journalists.
His employer, The Australian, has three times in the past 10 days front paged the biggest political scandal in decades.
This yarn has everything that sells papers: sex, fraud, VIP involvement and potential damage for Australia’s leading ambulance chasers.
And it’s not just The Australian giving Wilsongate the treatment that once would be expected from every media outlet in the nation. The Australian Financial Review has also examined the matter forensically. Andrew Bolt has gnawed away in the Herald Sun and Sydney talkback jocks have been on the case.
Yet Megalogenis goes on Insiders and doesn’t devote a syllable to an issue his far more courageous and balanced colleagues are dragging under the national spotlight.
You don’t expect the other lefties on Insiders to focus intently on anything that might hurt their beloved Labor, but surely Megalogenis has a duty on that program to ensure at least a mention of the biggest political story his esteemed employer has run with in the past week.

Even murkier.

I’ve had advice that someone may be over-reaching on this, so we’re playing safe by deleting certain links.

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Ignition set . . .   11/8/2012

For lawyers, even those most sensitive to the socialist cause, dollars inevitably come before principles.

THE most powerful union in Australia, the Australian Workers Union, is being asked by its former law firm Slater & Gordon for permission to lift a legal lid on highly sensitive files on a union funds scandal that subsequently embroiled Julia Gillard.

Tick, tick, tick . . .

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Common sense prevails   

A massive win for sensible, community minded sporting volunteers over bullying neo-puritans on the government payroll.

Researchers found that 78 Geelong clubs participating in a VicHealth trial to introduce healthier practices had struggled to make positive changes.
They found clubs relied on money raised through alcohol sales and sponsorship, while fast food was cheaper and easier to prepare than healthier alternatives.

These VicHealth wowsers, with $2 million of taxpayer’s hard-earned, originally wanted to ban traditional canteen lines such as chips and pies.
The clubs, relying on volunteers with very few shiny-arsed bureaucrats or “researchers” in their ranks, fought vehemently against such nanny-state nonsense. In the end, our club agreed to have a bowl of fruit on the canteen counter to be offered to our mainly young sports-participating customers. Of course, the kids declined, preferring, as have generations before them, a pie or a hot dog after battle on the arena.
So have the government busy-bodies learnt from this failed experiment? Nah, they’re displaying Einstein’s theory of insanity by doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.

The $2 million trial has been expanded by VicHealth to incorporate all regional and rural sports clubs, with an extra $3.3 million in funding.

Perhaps they hope to find a hippy community out in the wilderness that feeds their kids mung beans after their weekly 25-goal hiding.

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Rings master   8/8/2012

Boris Johnson just loves his Olympics.

The Games have been the most dramatic possible lesson in the virtues of ambition, hard work and competition. They are the opposite of the something-for-nothing culture. They could not come at a better time for a nation making a difficult psychological adjustment, after long years of easy credit and ballooning debt.

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Wilsongate   7/8/2012

Larry Pickering has been chipping away at the Bruce Wilson scandal, which, even though it embraces a most important person in Australian public life, the ABC and The Age don’t think is a matter worth reporting.

The payoffs, the bribes the sackings. Who is behind the repatriation of Blewitt and what he will say . . . It is a gripping saga and we have the full story… a story that will cause a Government to fall.

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It’s a wonder the Gillard government doesn’t just issue a public statement saying it’s safe to give your banking details to the author of a Nigerian email that says you won $100m in a lottery. They’d hook in a lot of suckers and cut out some of the bureaucratic middle men.

BY 2050, Australia will be sending $57 billion a year overseas just for the right to keep our lights on, as a direct consequence of Julia Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax and consequent emissions trading scheme.
Let me make it perfectly clear. We won’t be getting anything tangible back for that $57bn.
It doesn’t buy us windmills or solar panels made in China. It doesn’t buy us technology or licensing rights. It’s not even a (carbon dioxide) tax, that would at least generate revenue for the government. It just sends money to foreigners for “permission” to keep a few of our coal-fired power stations operating.
That is to say, it will be an entirely artificial cost, imposed on all Australians, by this Gillard-Brown government, with not the slightest offsetting benefit. It has the same economic consequences as taking $57bn and just shredding it. Every year.

Absolute insanity.
I’d love to hear a warmenista try to defend this. God, it must be embarrassing to be them.

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Hold the front page   3/8/2012

After today’s main lead in The Australian, it would not surprise if we have a new prime minister within the week. There’s historical importance in the national newspaper’s news and background revelations so it’s better value to buy the paper than waste time on Google shifties. Ned Kelly, your national notoriety is under challenge.
This matter — potentially the most damaging political story in decades — is not going away, despite lack of interest by The Age and the ABC.
The Australian continues to publish damning information of vital national interest:

Ian Cambridge, then national head of the AWU (and now a Fair Work commissioner), stated in an affidavit in the Industrial Relations Court in 1996 that he was “unable to understand how Slater and Gordon, who were then acting for the Victoria Branch of the Union, could have permitted the use of funds which were obviously taken from the union, in the purchase of private property of this nature, without seeking and obtaining proper authority from the union”.

The Slater and Gordon partner responsible left the firm suddenly after this matter came to the attention of principals and has not practised law again.
Given that partner’s present position, the lack of attention by news outlets such as The Age and the ABC, is disgraceful and the few honourable journalists employed there should be angry and ashamed.
Had Tony Abbott in his past drawn up contracts that enabled crooks to rip off companies and a major union the luvvie media would be all over it like blowies on a steamer.

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Back to the tool shed   2/8/2012

Boy, Terry McCrann rips into that goose Swan:

Or Wayne Swan’s anything you can do, I can do worse, exercise last night to the assorted luvvies in Melbourne in channelling Karl Marx while lip-syncing the Boss.
Swan delivered a paean of praise for warmed-over ‘bash the rich’ undergraduate Marxism wrapped up in puerile Springsteen lyrics.
So a wet-behind-the-ears down under proto-rooster was inspired all those years ago by “In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway American dream.”

Swan has all the qualities of a 70s lefty hippy: Envy, stupidity, hypocrisy and a generous sense of self-worth shared by no one else.

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