Media bias exposed   29/1/2012

Chris Kenny nails the most hypocritical aspect of the Australia Day race riot:

The “love media” and most of the Canberra Press Gallery who frothed at the mouth last year and attacked Mr Abbott because of a couple of rude placards at a rally he addressed, were mute yesterday when it came to criticising the indigenous protestors and feral activists who created yesterday’s ugly scenes. The media is habitually pathetic when it comes to questioning or criticising any aspect of indigenous activism. It is perhaps the policy area where its general progessive bias, intellectual laziness and groupthink tendencies are most obviously on display. Yet here, they couldn’t even find time to condemn the protestors, instead turning the debate against Mr Abbott. Extraordinary.

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Science speaks   28/1/2012

Surely, the mainstream media will take notice of this:

In fact, a large and growing number of distinguished scientists and engineers do not agree that drastic actions on global warming are needed.

These are not the words of a sceptical commentator or agent of big energy. It is part of a declaration by 16 prominent world scientists, including Antonio Zichichi, president of the World Federation of Scientists, Geneva.

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Spot of guilt projection?   26/1/2012

It’s Australia Day so expect some self-obsessed, over-promoted nong to brand Australians racist. In racist terms, of course.

That Anglo-Saxon smugness is a resilient child of hypocrisy and racism. The mawkish jingoism, the noisy triumphalism and trumped-up nationalism lead to the xenophobia that treats our humanity as something special and beyond the humanity of others who are not of these shores or of those, the original owners, who live within our shores but have been relegated as relics of history, beyond imagination.

Oh dear, the Aussie-haters were right. Australia Day has prompted ugly racist behaviour. Somehow, I don’t think the socialist elite will make a big deal of it.

A Labor apparatchik has been caught doing whatever it takes. Another day, another socialist screw-up.
For the record, this is what Tony Abbott told the media on Australia Day:

LOOK, I can understand why the tent embassy was established all those years ago. I think a lot has changed for the better since then. We had the historic apology just a few years ago, one of the genuine achievements of Kevin Rudd as prime minister. We had the proposal which is currently for national consideration to recognise indigenous people in the Constitution. I think the indigenous people of Australia can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian and, yes, I think a lot has changed since then and I think it probably is time to move on from that.

The Australian reveals today that certain commentators reported the news they’d like to hear, not the truth.
Sky News’s Susanne Latimore early on Thursday afternoon:
A PROTEST by indigenous people who were unhappy about calls by Tony Abbott to close down the Aboriginal tent embassy . . .
Yahoo! 7 News on Thursday:
TIME for tent embassy to fold: Abbott.
Dave Hughes on The Project:
DRAMATIC scenes for the PM and Tony Abbott today . . . It followed Abbott’s suggestion that the embassy should be dismantled.
Tent embassy co-founder Michael Anderson on Thursday:
HE (Abbott) said the Aboriginal embassy had to go, we heard it on a radio broadcast . . . You’ve got 1000 people here peacefully protesting and to make a statement about tearing down the embassy — it’s just madness on the part of Tony Abbott. What he said amounts to inciting racial riots.

This is the worst, though (from Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog):
Here’s what Liberty Sanger, from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, had to say:

Liberty Sanger: I also think that it’s important to recognise why it is that they were storming the restaurant. They were angry at some comments that Tony Abbott had made earlier that day. He had been responding to a question about the Tent Embassy. And they didn’t like the answer – [namely that] he thought it might be time for them to dismantle the Tent Embassy.

Oh, the irony if Abbott chose to sue the pants off an ambulance chaser.

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Pathetic bunch   

Surely, among the 75 Labor members of the Federal House of Representatives, there must be one or two with sufficient self-respect and concern for the institution of parliament to dissociate themselves from the dishonesty, incompetence and, in some cases, corruption in their ranks.
Of course, there’s little chance of a Labor MP doing the honourable thing if the Prime Minister’s shameless reaction to blatant plagiarism is par for the party.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard also came to the embattled minister’s defence on Twitter.
After presenting actor Geoffrey Rush with the Australian of the Year award gong in Canberra she tweeted she loved actors.
“I love Michael Douglas because he’s married to a Welsh woman. @Albo MP’s not bad either, JG,” she tweeted.

Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she? After all she’s got form:
It’s bad enough having idiots running the country, but when arrogance is added to the mix, the outcome seems bleak indeed.

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Abusing the ‘R’ word   23/1/2012

Suggested changes to the Australian Constitution that on one hand remove racist sections but on the other recognise indigenous differences are problematic at best.
But anyone who points out that fact to the elites advocating these changes risks earning the most hateful of brands.

MEMBERS of the expert panel on the constitutional recognition of indigenous Australians have been accused by Aboriginal leader Warren Mundine of suggesting those who do not support their far-reaching recommendations are racists.

A racist is quite often someone who has beaten a socialist in an argument.

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Vale Jack   20/1/2012

Much sadness in the family today at the passing of my father-in-law, Jack O’Toole, one of the greats from the Greatest Generation.
A loving and loved husband to Pat, father to Paul, Anne, Jude and Helen and grandfather to nine.
Among his many achievements, Jack was a more than a handy fullback for Sandringham in its VFA premiership team of 1946 and once kept Williamstown’s almost invincible full forward, Ron Todd, to four goals.
We’ll miss him deeply.

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Loony law   18/1/2012

Anyone seen the Pied Piper? Introducing the nuttiest regulation of the day:

Cuccinelli said D.C.’s new rat law–the Wildlife Protection Act of 2010 (Wildlife Protection Act of 2010.pdf) –is “crazier than fiction” because it requires that rats and other vermin not be killed but captured, preferably in families; no glue or snap traps can be utilized; the rodents must be relocated from where they are captured; and some of these animals may need to be transferred to a “wildlife rehabilitator” as part of their relocation process.

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If the bandana fits   

Oh, beautifully played, Janet Albrechsten:

Even in Australia you find smug secularists posturing against expressions of religious faith, at least when it’s of the Christian kind. Writing about Tebowing last month, Fairfax’s Peter FitzSimons wrote “the closest Australian word is probably ‘public wankery’ “. And that’s from a bloke who wears a loud red bandana to make sure he’s sufficiently noticed among the local leftist pundits.

(To get full story, paste headline into Google.)

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McProposition   17/1/2012

Do you want fries with that?

A Los Angeles woman was arrested after she offered sexual favors in exchange for chicken McNuggets, Burbank police said.

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Sent packing   16/1/2012

Oh well, they could now try Mecca.

Demonstrators attempting to set up a protest camp in St Peter’s Square in Rome have been forcibly removed by riot police backed by the Vatican.

Bet they don’t though.

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Low hourly rate   

Helluva lot of effort for comparatively little return.

Thieves spent “months” digging an 100 foot long tunnel beneath a car park and video shop in an elaborate robbery on a cash machine but got away with just a few thousand pounds.

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Anyhow . . .   13/1/2012

Our illustrious government demonstrates it will not be distracted by serious matters of public administration.

ATTORNEY-General Nicola Roxon says there is nothing the government can do to stop one of Australia’s most treasured national icons being used to flog cigarettes in Europe.
An image of a kangaroo and the phrase “An Australian Favourite” are on packets of Winfield being sold in France.

Using the nanny state scold’s favourite adjective, Roxon expands:

But it was inappropriate to use Australia as a marketing tool for a dangerous product, she said.
“Frankly I think it’s pretty un-Australian,” Ms Roxon said.

Well, duh. It’s French, you dingbat.
But then, the government is unable to whack a huge bloody tax on the froggy Winnies. For a Labor government, if you can’t tax it, that’s un-Australian

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What holds their pants up?   12/1/2012

One of the great mysteries of urban culture explained here.

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This makes you wonder what else the ABC has been gilding the lily on.

THE ABC has been forced to remove content from its website following claims that its “error-prone coverage” misled the public over the dangers of coal-seam gas extraction by presenting anti-gas advocacy as science.

Must be taking their lead from the IPCC in presenting advocacy as science.

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Weird   10/1/2012

When you consider they’re forced to drink the dregs from the Murray-Darling system, it could be said there’s something in the South Australian water that triggers bizarre crime.

TWO women and a man have admitted performing sexual acts with an animal.
Tina Marion Reichelt, 52, Garry Paul Reichelt, 51, both of Clare, and Kathleen Modystack, 58, of Ovingham, appeared in the District Court yesterday.

The animal’s details were suppressed. Must have been underaged.

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Never-ending project   6/1/2012

What a mighty job creation scheme.

ROADSIDE memorials would mark sites where animals have been killed if an animal-rights group gets its way.

It was the lead story in Wednesday’s Weekly Times. Bet it had its rural readers chortling.

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New York Knockerbickers?   3/1/2012

The always flamboyant Dennis Rodman has discovered there is life after NBA:

Dennis Rodman is bouncing back into basketball, this time as a coach for a topless women’s team he is launching for Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, the New York mammary mecca.

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It’s not the climate that’s red hot   2/1/2012

Profiteering scaremonger Al Gore received a half-billion federal “loan” two years ago from the Obama administration to make luxury electric cars.
In yet another embarrassment for hysterical warmists, Gore’s company, Fisker Automotive, has had to recall all 239 of its 2012 Karma luxury plug-in hybrid cars because of a fire hazard.

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Crazy cases   

This legal affairs blog has come up with the 10 most ridiculous lawsuits of 2011.
This first try-on is a beaut because it exposes the glaring hypocrisy that permeates almost every aspect of politics and the law today.

Man suing for age discrimination says judge in his case is too old. A 60-year-old musician who is suing for age discrimination wants the judge removed from the case – because he’s too old. Ironically, the plaintiff says his fight against age-based discrimination is too important to leave in the hands of the 88-year-old judge.

This bloke takes the cake (and the pie, and the burger, and the sandwich . . .) for fat guts chutzpah:

Obese man sues burger joint over tight squeeze in booths. A nearly-300 pound man is suing White Castle restaurants, saying that their booths are too tight to accommodate someone of his size. In fact, he’s so distraught by the booths that he hasn’t been to White Castle in months (instead, he sends his wife to pick up his burgers so he can eat them at home).

But there can be only one winner, and it is this idiot. The worst thing about it is he’ll probably win a settlement because judges believe, even if no one else does, there is honour among crooks.

Convict sues couple he kidnapped for not helping him evade police. A man who kidnapped a couple at knifepoint while he was running from the police is now suing the victims, claiming that they promised to hide him in exchange for an unspecified amount of money. The plaintiff, currently in jail, is seeking $235,000 for the alleged “breach of contract.”

Such suits would disappear if the law insisted that cases be argued to a decision with no settlement permitted. But that would benefit the public over the legal fraternity. Can’t have that.

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