Queen Ali-Zabeth   31/10/2009

A mad pommy mullah expresses his fantasy:

He said: ‘We hope to eradicate man-made law from Britain and the world. We call upon Gordon Brown to implement Sharia law and we call upon the Queen to give up playing God. There is only one supreme being. When Sharia law is implemented, maybe in 10 or 15 years’ time, she would be expected like all women in Britain to be covered from head to toe, only revealing her face and hands.’

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Redistribution to tyrants   

So we combat global warming by stuffing billions into the pockets of thugs like Mugabe, Chavez and the Burma junta.

At a meeting in Brussels the European prime ministers and presidents agreed richer countries would have to subsidise poorer nations to the tune of 160 billion dollars a year by 2020.
Gordon Brown says an agreement is now more likely at Copenhagen as it commits wealthier countries to pay for the effects of climate change on developing nations.

And that’s after we pay billions in ETS compensation to power plants and the like as well as financial offsets to battlers who’ll struggle against a 10 per cent hike – at least – in household costs .
Yeah, that’ll work.
How on earth can socialists pretend to the higher intellectual ground when they think every problem can be solved by drawing from a bottomless well of money?

Marc Sheppard has some fun with Al Gore’s Halloween Week scary story.

Such thaw, cautioned Gore, “could increase sea levels by 67 metres” and that “each one metre of sea level rise (SLR) is associated with 100 million climate refugees in the world.” That’s up a full 47 meters from the already horrifying predictions he’s made previously.

You’d laugh your backside off if it weren’t for the fact that some fools in powerful positions take him seriously.

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Sceptics galore   28/10/2009

Politicians certainly conjured up a tide when they released a dodgy report predicting all sorts of catastrophe to the Australian coast unless economy-killing global warming measures are introduced.
A tide of ridicule.
Of about 240 comments to this story in yesterday’s Herald Sun, around 230 were scathingly dismissive of alarmist hysteria.
Much of the comment was well-informed and as the cost of ridiculous measures sinks into community consciousness the pollies and mainstream media are going to find themselves out on a very shaky limb.
Countdown to embarrassment.

Oh, the doubts are rising like a doomsayer’s worst tidemare. Thanks to Watts and Bolta.
Not scary enough: more Americans believe in haunted houses than human caused global warming

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Spaced out   27/10/2009

Reckon this should get errant footballers off the front page:

An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.

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Far canal   26/10/2009

This proposal was first aired decades ago and although this new “advocate” has tongue firmly in cheek regarding its construction, I wonder whether it would be feasible.

My simple proposal is that a canal be constructed from Spencer’s Gulph to Lake Eyre (the First Lord of the Admiralty would be delighted that his inlet was being put to some use and no doubt his neighbour John Jervis would agree despite their sometime difficulties). The resulting cascade of sea water will flood Lake Eyre and through evaporation from the heat of the sun carry the water vapour into the sky where the general drift of winds being out of the north-west should deliver the vapour over the fertile plains of the Murray Darling basin where it may fall as rain. This process will ensure an agreeable and well regulated temperature about Lake Eyre as the vast body of water will remain warm by night but by day will be cooled by the winds and the creation of the vapour. This is by way of an analogy with the operation of the Coolgardie Safe. I have chosen to call the process Kevination in honour of our Prime Minister of the moment and those who have gone before in the business of refrigeration.

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Stop picking on me   24/10/2009

How pathetic and short-memoried is Obama’s attack on the Fox network.
So a handful of opionistas at ONE network give him grief by revealing that he has surrounded himself with a mob of ex-commos and spivs.
It wouldn’t surprise to see Rudd pull the same stunt soon against The Australian as it continues to be the only outlet to justifiably get stuck into him over his hamfisted approach to illegals.
Back in the US, Bush had ALL but one network up against him and that included the supposedly objective news reporters who spun and distorted as if they were auditioning for Democrat White House jobs.
But you didn’t see Bush carrying on like a crybaby. Just as Howard had more important matters at hand than to bellyache about the blatantly unbalanced media approach to his leadership.
Obama is nothing but a sook. And Rudd, with his foot-stamping tanties is cut with the same cloth. With sooks it’s always whinge, moan, someone else did it, it’s not my fault, they’re picking on me, I’m gonna tell on you, I’m gonna get my big brother . . . With sooks, you wouldn’t pi55 on them if they were on fire.

Mark Steyn agrees:

The most recent whine – the anti-Fox campaign – is, apart from anything else, unbecoming to the office. President Obama is the chief of state of one of the oldest free societies in the world, but his official White House Web site runs teasers such as: “For even more Fox lies, check out the latest ‘Truth-O-Meter.'” It gives off the air of somebody only marginally less paranoid than this week’s president-for-life in some basket-case banana republic ranting on the palace balcony because his interior security chief isn’t doing a fast-enough job of disappearing his enemies.
George W Bush: Remember him? Of course, you do. He’s the guy who’s to blame for everything, and still will be midway through Obama’s second term. It turns out he’s in exile abroad. Presumably he jumped bail and snuck across the border on the roof of a box car. But, anyway, he was giving a speech in Saskatoon. That’s a town in Saskatchewan. And Saskatchewan’s a province in Canada apparently. And in the course of his glittering night playing the Saskatoon circuit, he was asked about media criticism of him, and he told the … Saskatoonistanies? Saskatchewannabees? Whatever. He told them the attacks never bothered him, although his dad used to get upset: “He’d read the editorial pages, he’d watch the nightly news, and I didn’t. I mean, why watch the nightly news when you are the nightly news?”

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They’re off. Soon   

Today I’m out to repeat a rare piece of equine prognostication pulled off in 2006 when I blog-tipped the WS Cox Plate trifecta.
After hours of form guide perusal I can confidently predict Speed Gifted, Whobegotyou and So You Think will fill out the placings in the weight-for-age classic. Not necessarily in that order.

Oh well, one out of three ain’t bad. Had $5 each way on So You Think — what a whizzer — so there was a collect. Unfortunately every other wager for the day failed, so it’s back to the saltmine again Monday

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Now for the blame game   

More than a decade of socialism has the People’s Republic of Britistan exactly where anyone with a scintilla of intelligence would expect it to be: Broke, busted, skint, gutted, monetarily maggoted, fiscally fewched and poleaxed into penuary.

According to the Ernst & Young Item Club, a forecasting group, Britain will need to raise £350 billion between 2009 and 2011. As a share of national income, public borrowing is expected to rise from 2.6 per cent in 2007-08 to 12.6 per cent in 2009-10 (as a rule of thumb, anything over 10 per cent is considered to be in the territory of a banana republic). No nation in the G20 is going downhill more rapidly than Britain, says the IMF.
The Treasury’s failure this week to sell Government gilts was one way for the financial markets to tell us that Britain is going broke. Currency traders are losing confidence in our ability to pay the bills, which explains sterling’s sharp devaluation. As Jim Callaghan and Denis Healey discovered, there is no pain-free escape route. When unemployment soars, taxes rise and public sector excesses are reined back, a disgusted electorate will punish those whose recklessness drove the country into penury.

But who to blame? Well, Jeff Randall in the Daily Telegraph has an intriguing conspiracy theory involving the Leader of the House of Commons. Artfully written and very funny in a black humour sort of way.

As the daughter of a Harley Street physician and niece of Lord Longford, she was born into privilege. Educated at St Paul’s, an elite public school, young Harriet seemed destined to become one of the poppets who feature as pin-ups in Country Life and marry Army captains from Gloucester.
Mysteriously, however, after a politics degree at York University, Miss Harman emerged as a fully paid-up member of Labour’s moon gazers – Mad Hattie Harperson. Could it have been on York’s pretty lakeside campus that a plot was hatched to insert an unprincipled student as a grinding cog in Labour’s machinery? I like to think so.

The Daily Express holds others responsible:

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Dry argument   22/10/2009

The next time a hysterical alarmist makes with the “submerged islands” crap, here’s a rebuttal to make them look silly. Lifted from Bolt’s blog:

(1) In the last 2000 years, sea level has oscillated with 5 peaks reaching 0.6 to 1.2 m above the present sea level.
(2) From 1790 to 1970 sea level was about 20 cm higher than today
(3) In the 1970s, sea level fell by about 20 cm to its present level
(4) Sea level has remained stable for the last 30 years, implying that there are no traces of any alarming on-going sea level rise.
(5) Therefore, we are able to free the Maldives (and the rest of low-lying coasts and island around the globe) from the condemnation of becoming flooded in the near future.

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Hardline Nine   19/10/2009

Seems the Nine Network has decided the honeymoon with the Rudd government is well and truly over.
First Laurie Oakes pulled the “gotcha” of the year on Julia Gillard yesterday by foiling her with her own words:

JG: Oh well Laurie, I think what Australians know and what the Government knows is that we live in a world where people get displaced from their home countries for a variety of reasons. We’re seeing the aftermath of a civil war in Sri Lanka, for example, so people move because of that kind of violence. What, obviously, the world wants is for people, if they have to flee their homes, to then stop when they can get in contact with responsible authorities, like the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, and have their claims processed. What we don’t want is we don’t want people risking long and dangerous journeys overseas where they might get into distress and get into real difficulty.
LO: You see, that press statement is dated April 23, 2003, and it’s issued by then shadow minister Julia Gillard. So why is one boat arrival then a failure of government policy, but 30-plus arrivals this year is not a failure of government policy.

Then in tonight’s news, Nine reported on a huge welfare bill racked up by refugees under the Rudd administration:

Refugees are creating a soaring welfare headache for taxpayers with the total annual cost of Centrelink benefits up nearly 40 per cent to an estimated $628 million in just two years.

Don’t think that will go down too well with Nine news viewers. It certainly won’t in other quarters and I reckon the wailing and gnashing of teeth will already have begun in Elitist Land. How dare the media let the plebs know how much misplaced altruism is costing them.

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The Obama-infatuated media is finding out there’s no love – let alone respect – in the morning.

TEL AVIV – President Obama’s presidential campaign focused on “making” the news media cover certain issues while rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was “controlled,” White House Communications Director Anita Dunn disclosed to the Dominican government at a videotaped conference.
“Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn’t absolutely control,” said Dunn.

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Evading the truth   17/10/2009

Global warming sceptics are accused of using dodgy sources, being shills for dastardly multinationals and inventing conspiracies. Just today your correspondent was said to “regurgitate the bullshit spread by cultural warriors with enormous conflicts of interest”.
But sceptics don’t stifle debate. In fact, sceptics won’t be happy until every arm of western media is reporting this issue objectively.
Alarmists, on the other hand, have been shown to invent situations to bolster their case, to silence their critics and to distort scientific data.

When walruses were found dead on an Alaskan beach, yes, said the warmenistas, clear proof of the lethal effects of a rapidly cooking planet. Er no, it wasn’t actually.

When the grilling got a tad uncomfortable for global warming’s king of cartetbaggers Al Gore, Al’s acolytes just pulled the plug on the unfortunate truth-seeker.

MCALLER: No, but no, I mean, Vice President Gore, Vice President Gore hasn’t-
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’re not doing a debate here.
MCALEER: No, this question, he hasn’t answered the question.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have 10 minutes left for these people to ask questions.
MCALEER: Yes, but I would appreciate his answer to the court-
WIAN: Conference organizers then cut off McAleer’s microphone. The dispute centers on a 2007 British court ruling that Gore’s film had nine significant errors, including its assertion that ice pack melting would cause the sea level to rise 20 feet in the near future, and that Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming.

And lately it was revealed that alarmists’ “hockey stick” data that showed a dramatic increase in world temperatures in the past 200 years was arrived at by extremely shonky means.

The scary red line shooting upwards is the one Al Gore, Michael Mann, Keith Briffa and their climate-fear-promotion chums would like you to believe in. The black one, heading downwards, represents scientific reality.
We “Global Warming Deniers” are often accused of ignoring the weight of scientific opinion. Well if the “science” on which they base their theories is as shoddy as Mann’s Hockey Stick, is it any wonder we think they’re talking cobblers?

If the science is so settled and the consensus so complete why do manmade global warming believers resort to lies and censorship to reinforce their case?

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Many hands make . . .??!!   

This perhaps could be justified if matters had improved:

“BUDGET-breaking” blowouts in public service numbers are destroying the financial position of the states and threaten economic recovery, new research has found.
State governments have significantly increased their workforces since the economic reforms of the 1990s, according to a report published by the Institute of Public Affairs.
The total number of workers employed by the six states jumped by 28 per cent between 2000 and 2008.

But public transport is a shambles, crime and violence have risen dramatically, schools are churning out undisciplined illiterates and hospitals are barely coping. Perhaps someone can explain: What on earth are all these extra public servants doing? Answers welcome, particularly from government employees.

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Achievers thwarted   

Peter Homes a Court backs a northern Australian community’s fight against Green and Socialist patronisers, interferers and yes, racists, from thousands of kilometres away. “Free to hunt and gather” indeed. Note Hakker jnr’s admiration:

I didn’t meet any “wild people”, I met Australians who are making a go of it in very tough conditions. At Coen I met and moved cattle with Alan Creek, a black stockman who reminded me of RM Williams when I met him on RM’s block shortly before he died. Like RM, he is a multiskilled cattleman, capable of fixing any machine, building any structure, a bush vet, handy doctor, boss to young men, horseman and carer of the land. A proud Aboriginal man who just needs to build a few more dams — nothing major, just to hold water when rivers flood — to work his land better and make a business for him and his Year 12-educated and hard-working son.

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Oh dear, a debate after all   14/10/2009

Let the embarrassment begin. Now that stolid sections of the mainstream media, such as the BBC and the Christian Science Monitor, are acknowledging that all is not as predicted by alarmists, watch the rest race to catch up with the new trend.
For if modern media is nothing else, it is shamelessly copycat. Latest heresies here.

A steady stream of peer-reviewed studies, a continued lack of global warming, real world data and scientists continuing to dissent, have finally moved major establishment media outlets to report that the debate not only is “not over” but that skeptics may have been correct all along. (Note: Journalists are now sensing what Atmospheric physicist James A. Peden, formerly of the Space Research and Coordination Center in Pittsburgh, warned about in 2008. “Many (scientists) are now searching for a way to back out quietly (from promoting warming fears), without having their professional careers ruined,” Peden said.)

Canadian Lawrence Solomon also notices a shift in media attitudes:

The informed members of the media read those polls and know the global warming scare is over, too. Andrew Revkin, The New York Times reporter entrusted with the global warming scare beat, has for months lamented “the public’s waning interest in global warming.” His colleague at The Washington Post, Andrew Freedman, does his best to revive public fear, and to get politicians to act, by urging experts to up their hype so that the press will have scarier material to run with.
The experts do their best to give us the willies. This week they offered up plagues of locusts in China and a warning that the 2016 Olympics “could be the last for mankind” because “the earth has passed the point of no return.” But the press has also begun to tire of Armageddon All-The-Time, and (I believe) to position itself for its inevitable attack on the doomsters. In an online article in June entitled “Massive Estimates of Death are in Vogue for Copenhagen,” Richard Cable of the BBC, until then the most stalwart of scare-mongers, rattled off the global warnings du jour – they included a comparison of global warming to nuclear war and a report from the former Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, to the effect that “every year climate change leaves over 300,000 people dead, 325-million people seriously affected, and economic losses of US $125-billion.” Cable’s conclusion: “The problem is that once you’ve sat up and paid attention enough to examine them a bit more closely, you find that the means by which the figures were arrived at isn’t very compelling… The report contains so many extrapolations derived from guesswork based on estimates inferred from unsuitable data.”

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Nobel rot   13/10/2009

Some would have you believe that Quadrant is a dry old tory rag without a shred of humour.
Share the joy of Ainu Campbell-Barracks, ebullient Sydney socialite, environmental crusader, and regular Quadrant Online reader as channeled through Dr Philippa Martyr:

And to think he’s only the third serving US President to win the Nobel Peace Prize! Wow! I mean, that in itself shows how much he must deserve it, because of all he’s done for world peace. And how fantastic to be following in the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt, who was the first winner as a US serving President – now he, of course, was a really great president because of his huge contribution to world peace, when he … didn’t he do something in the Philippines? Anyway, whatever it was, it was really a major contribution, or else he wouldn’t have won the Nobel Peace Prize for it, would he? I mean, there’s all that stuff about big game hunting, but the times were different then, and anyway, he was a Democrat too, like Obama, and like his son Franklin Roosevelt.

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Devaluation   12/10/2009

Well, we were told to expect inflation.

US President Barack Obama sensationally won the Nobel Peace Prize last night less than a year after he took office with the jury hailing his “extraordinary” diplomatic efforts on the international stage.
The choice made Mr Obama the third sitting US president to win the peace prize, following Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 and Woodrow Wilson in 1919.
It shocked Nobel observers because the 48-year-old president took office less than two weeks before the February 1 nomination deadline.

All the hallmarks of a leftwing agenda: emotionalism, symbolism and reward for little achievement.

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Cheap chuckles   4/10/2009

For Jay Leno, Letterman’s predicament was like shooting fish in a barrel. But hell, you’ve got to take the laughs when you can get them.

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Oh no! Thank God! Oh no!   

Imagine the rollercoaster of emotions the dad went through while he watched this drama unfold.

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