Earth shower   29/3/2009

All those lights turned out for Earth Hour don’t amount to a hill of, well lava, when you consider how much carbon that Alaskan volcano spewed at the same time.

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Chinese checkers   

According to The Australian’s leftwing journalist Lenore Taylor, Australians concerned about Chinese infiltration of high levels of government are “xenophobic”.
Expect to see a lot more of that xenophobia.

TORONTO (AP) — A cyber spy network based mainly in China hacked into classified documents from government and private organizations in 103 countries, including the computers of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan exiles, Canadian researchers said Saturday.

Early reports don’t mention Australia as one of the hacked nations, but it wouldn’t surprise.

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Not very bright of us   

Curses! We got caught up in the excitement of the Sydney-Saints game last night and clean forgot about Earth Hour. As a result of our absentmindedness, we had only three house lights burning, the PC humming along and, of course, the TV blaring.
Unlike Tim Blair, who had so much illumination his household was ‘glowing like irradiated lab mice’.
Michelle Malkin links to a much better — and far more rational — idea than suffering in the dark to achieve three-eighths of bugger-all.
On the local front, the guys at News Radio, unlike the rest of the ABC, show occasional flashes of scepticism to all sorts of articles of lefty faith.
They were chatting this morning about who ‘did the right thing’ and turned off the lights yet still managed to sound like lapsing Catholics paying lip service to ‘sacrifices’ for Lent.
Marc Sheppard nails the idiocy of it all:

And these same fools will be oblivious to the irony that the candles they light will emit more CO2 than would have the electric bulbs they’ve extinguished. And that were they to walk down to the beach and relieve themselves en masse into the ocean, they’d have as much effect on the tides as their carbon footprint has on the climate.

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Our Manchurian candidates   28/3/2009

What the hell is going on here? Australia’s Prime Minister holds secret meetings with China’s Minister for Propaganda, our Defence Minister accepts free trips to China from a businesswoman with close links to the Chinese government and the national broadcaster’s chairman hosts a lobbying session for the aforementioned Minister for Propaganda.
Yet, Rudd’s office refuses to release details of the minister’s trip to Australia.

Mr Rudd’s office last night refused The Weekend Australian’s request that it release the full itinerary of Mr Li’s five-day, taxpayer-funded official visit, which ended on Tuesday.

So, we pay for a visit by a communist wielder of influence, but we’re not permitted to know details of that visit?
I guess it’s reassuring that some in the media are outraged about this high-level flirtation with totalitarians and subsequent cover-ups.
But not all.
Leftwing journalist Lenore Taylor thinks we’re just racist to be concerned about the national interest and uses a weary old cliche to say so.

So wherever they come down when weighing the arguments, both sides of politics owe it to us to address this issue on its merits, rather than dog whistling to the xenophobics among us.

Using the hackneyed “dog whistle” phrase is in itself a “dog whistle” for leftwing justification to follow.

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Close to thick edge of wedge   25/3/2009

Your credibility is disappearing once you become the butt of a network comedian’s jibes.
TODAY is the first day of spring. Yeah, or as Al Gore calls it, global warming.
– Jay Leno on NBC’s Tonight show.

Oh, if you’re so inclined, don’t forget to sign the petition on the right.

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Ovine epic   22/3/2009

Some Welsh baaa-studs have way too much time on their hands.
Found at Rachel Lucas’ blog

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Nature the polluter   

How many forests would you have to plant to compensate for these carbon emissions off Tonga?

Great series of large pix here.

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Perfect ride for Earth Hour   

Doug Giles has had it up to here with Green totalitarians and their lies.

For instance, if I buy a small car it will be because I want to buy a small car. I bought my wife a beautiful Mini CooperS, not because some green jackass shamed us into it but because it is a screaming little high-quality ride, a veritable street legal go cart that she can park in a mailbox, which is important in a place like Miami (not to mention she looks smoking hot in it, as well).
However, now that we, the slaves of Obamaland, are being humiliated by “them” to get a Thumbelina car that goes at a top speed of 20mph and runs on Balinese spider monkey urine, I’ve decided to sell the Mini and get the Ford F-1150 Global Warmer with the Middle Finger Package that visibly melts the polar ice caps and turns the sky black when you crank it up. Matter of fact, I think I’ll get two: one for her to drive and one just to start and let run in my driveway.

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Spewing hate   

What’s the betting that Britistan’s socialist appeasers sweep this under the carpet?

All homosexuals should face stoning to death, a Muslim preacher of hate declared yesterday.
Anjem Choudary, the firebrand cleric who wants to see Britain ruled by Sharia law, said such a regime was the only way to fix the country’s ills.

Thumb your nose at Muslim exclusivity and see where it gets you:

The postmaster who refused to serve customers who could not speak English has been transferred to another branch following complaints from local Muslims.
Sri Lankan-born Deva Kumarasiri introduced a ban on non-English speakers last week after claiming they frustrated other customers and made his job more difficult.
Mr Kumarasiri, who moved to Britain 18 years ago, said he believed that new immigrants should learn the language and take pride in their new culture.

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Pop’s pot   

So, that’s the secret to his longevity.

NIGERIA’S anti-drugs agency has arrested a 114-year-old Nigerian man after discovering 100 bags of cannabis behind his house in south-west Ogun state, a senior official said on Saturday.

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Criticise the creep   

Today’s Sunday Age reports:
THE Government will begin trawling blog sites as part of a new media monitoring strategy, with documents singling out a website critical of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy for special mention.

Well, Senator Conroy, this blog regards you as a nasty little hypocrite with totalitarian tendencies. And for a communications minister you have a deplorable lack of knowledge about the internet and the ineffectiveness of filters in blocking offensive material from those determined to access it.
Gawd, it must be embarrassing to be you.

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Porridge (dry) for all   21/3/2009

Another week and another example of how Britain is racing to become the Soviet-era Albania of the 21st century:

Prof Tim Lang said people needed to wake up to how much water farmers and food factories use in producing staple goods, particularly meat, coffee and milk, saying the threat to Britain’s food chain from its water footprint is just as great as its carbon footprint.
A return to rationing, though “almost unthinkable” in peace time, cannot be ruled out, he warns. While such direct Government intervention would be a very last resort, indirect “editing” of people’s diets by supermarkets and central Government is essential, he said.

It’s already a nation of soap-dodgers, fergawdzakes! Don’t give them more excuses.

The Republic of Britistan looms closer:

A campaign by two Muslim governors to give Islam a greater presence in a state school played a key part in forcing a successful head from her job, the High Court found yesterday.

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Talking turkey   

Oh, he’s a wag, that Barack Obama. And no one can brand him politically correct.
Not when he claims he’s as useless at ten pin bowling as a disabled player.

Mr Obama famously threw a gutter ball while campaigning last year, prompting Tonight Show host Jay Leno to wonder whether he’d burned down the White House bowling alley in retaliation. The President replied that instead he tried again and managed an (anemic) score of 129.
“Like Special Olympics or something,” he added, referring to the athletic competition bringing together disabled athletes from around the world.

Of course, his minders went into overdrive, lest some maverick in the media wrote something critical about the messiah.

“The President made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics,” White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters aboard Air Force One on the flight back to Washington.

It may not have been his intention but I’d like to hear the opinion of a disabled 10 pin bowler on whether it was offensive. What, no one from the media has asked for any disabled person’s opinion?
Why would that be?

Finally, after two days the LA Times has got around to sounding out a disabled person.

Her mother, Suzanne Thompson, told her that Obama had made a joke about the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” on Thursday and that it might have hurt a lot of people. Cox, 21, dropped her head on the table and, after a brief silence, said the news made her sad.

As with so much lately, Obama was wrong with the assessment of his ten pin ability:

But the president’s joke was more than just the perpetuation of a cruel stereotype, Special Olympians said. It was factually incorrect as well.
A 129 score would keep the president off the medal stand at several Special Olympic bowling events, according to recent results.

Meanwhile, Tim Blair is teleprompted to mock Obama. See, Merrikan media, it’s not so hard. And it’s good fun.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph has no trouble chronicling the Commander in Klutz’s bungles and gaffes.

Oh, and jest of the week: What’s the difference between Jesus and Obama?
Jesus could build a cabinet.

And another that arrived on St Patrick’s Day: Did you hear about the Irish abortion clinic with a 12-month waiting list?

UPDATE: No one close to the White House will be laughing at this revelation that the bonuses to AIG execs that Obama thundered about during the week were actually approved by his administration as part of his stimulus plan.

WASHINGTON – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner confirmed yesterday that his department urged Sen. Chris Dodd to water down the executive-bonus limits included in last month’s stimulus bill, a move that allowed the payment of $165 million in bonuses to American International Group employees.

Obama is starting to make Jimmy Carter look like a capable statesman.

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Loonies lashed   

The Australian is doing a marvellous job in exposing the leftist lunacy that has corrupted Australian education systems.

In a scathing submission to the National Curriculum Board, the Australian Primary Principals Association says the science curriculum is overly concerned with teaching methods and too little with scientific content.
“The aims are unbalanced in being too focused on active citizenship and the social outcomes of science at the expense of scientific knowledge and skills,” the submission says.

One way to get a lefty gaping like a goldfish out of its tank is to mention the enormous drop in educational standards since the 1970s. The Marxists have no comeback whatsoever. What an achievement though for socialists: condemning generations of lower-class kids to a lifetime of ignorance and illiteracy. Well done, comrades.

Kenneth Minogue counts the price of taking discipline out of the classroom during the same period:

Think back before the watershed 1960s and the contrast is instructive. Then, children had defined places in a classroom and learned rapidly the decorum necessary for school life. There was no question of choosing whether or not to behave because there was an order of conduct enforced by the teacher and it applied to everyone. The teacher was an authority figure and, like all authority figures, inspired a certain amount of fear, part of which depended on the possibility of physical punishment. Such punishment was seldom used, but it was part of an understood world.

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Commissar wanted   

Not satisfied with having five Labor hacks on Geelong council, Cr David Saunderson now wants the Labor Party to have a say in who will be the council’s next chief executive.

Cr Saunderson, who worked as an adviser to the ALP’s Lara MP John Eren, used this week’s councillor briefing session to implore that an ALP-aligned councillor be included on any council committee established to help choose a new boss to replace Kay Rundle.

Now, I’d be all for it if the Labor luvvies insisted that the new CEO was committed to cutting waste and regulations, eliminating duplication, promoting individual responsibility, ridding the council of nanny-state policies, ending jobs for the comrades and giving priority to rate reductions, roads and rubbish.
But that’s about as likely as me sprouting wings. The dregs of the middle class who run modern Labor detest the idea of lean and mean authority and the last thing they’d want is efficient and fair municipal administration. Not while there’s branches to be stacked in return for soccer club favouritism.

Regardless, the way this town’s going — with street after street of empty shops — the socialists on council will soon run out of other people’s money to spend.

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Scorn heaped   15/3/2009

Lord Christopher Monckton didn’t hold back in his closing keynote address at the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change:

Where are they all today, those bed-wetting moaning Minnies of the Apocalyptic Traffic-Light Tendency–those Greens too yellow to admit they’re really Reds?
The main message of this conference to the bed-wetters is this. Stop telling lies. You are fooling fewer and fewer of us. However many lies are uttered, the scientific truth remains unalterable.
The Forces of Darkness, with their “global warming” chimera, came perilously close to ending the Age of Enlightenment and Reason. They almost ushered in a new Dark Age. Yet they have failed. Why? They have failed because you, here, have had the courage to face them down, to confront their falsehoods, and to nail their lies.

Love it — Greens too yellow to admit they’re really Reds.

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Egg-headed act   

Bad taste is stock in trade for rock stars, so the excesses of strumming howlers are usually overlooked.
But last night Midnight Oil, led by Federal Minister Peter Garrett, set a new world record in rock’n’roll offence.
In a concert raising money for bushfire victims the egg-headed egomaniac and his band performed the song Beds are Burning.
Yes, we know it’s about Aboriginal suffering, a theme repeatedly visited by Midnight Oil. But that song only has to bring a shudder to just one adult bushfire survivor or a nightmare to one of their children and Midnight Oil have wrecked all the great work of thousands, including their fellow musicians, for a moment of ignorant self-indulgence.
Garrett should be hounded in parliament over this monument to insensitivity.
As the young ‘uns are prone to opine: Sheesh, what a tool!

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Scepticism honourable   14/3/2009

There, that wasn’t so hard was it? Japanese scientists on both sides of the manmade global warming argument agree there should be debate.

Dr Maruyama said yesterday there was widespread scepticism among his colleagues about the IPCC’s fourth and latest assessment report that most of the observed global temperature increase since the mid-20th century “is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations”.
When this question was raised at a Japan Geoscience Union symposium last year, he said, “the result showed 90 per cent of the participants do not believe the IPCC report”.

Now if we could just find an Australian politician brave enough to echo the Japanese scientific establishment:

“This paper represents the views of the individuals and not of the society,” said Hideo Yoshida, of Kyoto University. “The purpose is to stimulate debate among scholars and readers, and let them form their own judgment.”

And isn’t that what truth and knowledge is all about?

In the US, the tide is turning. Although I don’t think it was the type of change that Obama had in mind.

WASHINGTON: More Americans than at any time in the past decade believe that the seriousness of global warming is being exaggerated, a new Gallup poll shows.
Forty-one per cent of Americans told Gallup pollsters they were doubtful global warming was as serious as the mainstream media were reporting — the highest result in more than a decade.

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Hack stack   

Wonder if the Queensland Opposition is game to make a big deal out of this.
Amanda Meade’s Diary column in The Australian’s Media section this week revealed that the Courier Mail’s newsroom is cluttered with former Labor hacks.

. . . so many of the paper’s senior staff are former Labor staffers. They include: national affairs editor Dennis Atkins, a former Labor press secretary to Wayne Goss; Paul Syvret, who writes a daily economics column and was press secretary to former Labor Treasurer David Hammil; managing director Anna Reynolds, a press secretary to former Labor justice minister Dean Wells; political commentator Craig Johnstone, until recently a media chief in the Government’s infrastructure department; senior leader writer Greg Chamberlin, a press secretary for Labor in opposition; senior reporter Liz Allen, a Peter Beattie press secretary; and assistant editor Robert McDonald, a Beattie economics adviser.

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Peter principle thrives   

Common sense took a battering this week.
It seems promotion is now achieved via a process in which talent and suitability is eschewed for ability to tick politically correct boxes and spell “inappropriate”. It is well entrenched in:
The Country Fire Authority . . .

John Willis lost his job as captain of a Gippsland brigade for swearing on emergency radio when his crew allegedly ignored instructions during the Black Saturday fires and put their lives at risk.
The CFA said the fireman, who has 40 years experience, was stripped of his rank after at least two outbursts during last month’s tragic inferno.

Local government . . .

After standing in the sun, rain and wind twice daily for all those years, he was stunned when told recently he must stop “high-fiving” students and parents on his Hovell St crossing.
But Brimbank city development general manager Peter Collina said the ban was in response to a parent’s complaint about “a number of concerns, including that of physical contact with the children”.

And the NT Police . . .

Gwen Brown, 53, one of the most awarded and senior ACPOs in the Territory, has been sacked for hitting her nephew with a stick, but she says she has the cultural right to do so.
Ms Brown, from the Ali Curung community, southeast of Tennant Creek, said her nephew, Patrick, had in September last year stolen the battery from her private vehicle and put it in another car so he could go to Tennant Creek to buy alcohol. Ms Brown said she went to the Ali Curung police and asked an officer to log her complaint. She says he did not do so.

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