Crap leadership   22/2/2009

Peter Hitchins asks:

Why did Gordon Brown’s anti-Christian Government ask the Pope here? Is it so that Benedict can give Britain the last rites?

Well, if Bene has to deliver extreme unction, it will be due to the actions of snivelling piles of blowfly fodder like Home Secretary Jaqui Smith.

Smith is best known for an inspired change of terminology: last year she announced that henceforth Muslim terrorism (an unhelpful phrase) would be reclassified as “anti-Islamic activity.” Seriously. The logic being that Muslims blowing stuff up tends not to do much for Islam’s reputation – i.e., it’s an “anti-Islamic activity” in the same sense that Pearl Harbor was an anti-Japanese activity.

Is it any wonder that such a cesspit of a nation now produces actions like this?

British Muslims are providing the Taliban with electronic devices to make roadside bombs for use in attacks against British forces serving in southern Afghanistan, The Telegraph can disclose.

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His highness   21/2/2009

Well, we know who was not amused.

From the bloodnut blog

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Extraordinary Joe   

As an avoider of nuff-nuff TV, I haven’t seen a lot of Joe Hockey who’s apparently a regular on one of those breakfast chat programs.
But he popped up on Tony Jones’ Q and A on ABC Thursday night and I was mightily impressed.
As we’ve come to expect from the Australian Broadcasting Collective, Hockey being from the right, was completely outnumbered. He was flanked by a loony lefty who I think was at one stage president of the Canberra Shire Council, Labor Treasurer Wayne Swan, Greens Senator Christine Milne and union boss Paul Howes.
And a perusal of the transcript shows that Jones was probably even more hostile than normal to his token guest from the right.
Yet, Hockey shone. He wiped the floor with Swan, made a fool of Howes, let Milne and the Canberra crazy be hoist on their own petard and goaded Jones into revealing his bias.
The first smackdown came when Swan attempted to defend the Greens’ principles:

WAYNE SWAN: I tell you what, they know when to act responsibly in the Senate…
JOE HOCKEY: They do.
WAYNE SWAN: ..when it comes to jobs and growth. They certainly do.
JOE HOCKEY: And isn’t it interesting that in the Mayo by-election, the Greens gave preferences to One Nation, ahead of the Liberal Party. That’s how principled the Greens are.

In a refreshing change, the Q and A audience appeared to be a balanced bunch and it was soon clear they were warming to Joking Joe:

PAUL HOWES: Well, thank goodness we’ve got a Government that’s taking COAG reform seriously. Well, Joe, I mean, the Business Council agrees with me on this one, mate. I mean, you know, go and look at what the Business Council says about what Labor has done on COAG reform. I mean, I actually I do agree with the sentiments from the question. I mean, the State Government blockages to infrastructure projects is a huge problem for this country, and I do think there are some state governments that are incapable of moving on projects that are needed.
JOE HOCKEY: Well, you put ‘em there, mate! You put them there.
PAUL HOWES: But delivered by the New South Wales RTA.
JOE HOCKEY: Oh, delivered…
PAUL HOWES: Well, it was.
TONY JONES: Let’s not get, let’s not get bogged down.
JOE HOCKEY: State Labor Government is so good in New South Wales, it’s great.

Hockey reveals he does his homework. With damaging results:

JOE HOCKEY: ..which I really wanted to get in. The first is I really want to know how many of the pink batts are actually gonna be manufactured in Australia, right. Because from what I’m hearing, even though there is Australian manufacturing for pink batts, the demand created by the Government is so substantial that they’re going to be imported from Asia. That’s what I understand, right? And no-one is prepared to deny it.
PAUL HOWES: Do you want an answer?
PAUL HOWES: Well, Fletcher, Fletcher Glass Insulation, who are the major manufacturers of pink batts in Australia, are looking at ramping up two new facilities in Australia, it will be a boom for manufacturing in the south-east…
JOE HOCKEY: What percentage are going to be manufactured in Australia?
PAUL HOWES: I don’t know. Do you know?
CHRISTINE MILNE: There’s also wool insulation, Joe.
PAUL HOWES: I mean, there’s… I mean the east… Come down, come down with me, mate.
JOE HOCKEY: Well, that’s the answer.
PAUL HOWES: Come down and tell them. My glass members are over the moon. You had Pilkington’s Glass close in Geelong. The glass industry’s in a crisis. They are a major employer in Victoria.
TONY JONES: OK, well let’s just get a confirmation from the Treasurer. If what you’re saying is right, the Treasurer will know. Is that true or not?
WAYNE SWAN: Well, there’s half a dozen producers around the country, and a very substantial proportion will be produced here. There’s no doubt about that.
TONY JONES: How many of them? When you say, “Very substantial proportion”…
WAYNE SWAN: Well, I can’t predict the…
TONY JONES: It’s like one of those political phrases.
WAYNE SWAN: No, it’s not.
TONY JONES: It might mean 50%.
WAYNE SWAN: Well, there are six producers in Australia, this program’s taking off. It starts on 1 July, they are gearing up their production, the producers have been to Canberra, they’ve been meeting with our industry department and they’re getting going, and I think a substantial proportion will be produced in Australia.
PAUL HOWES: Well, I know people…
JOE HOCKEY: Great words.

Hockey one, two and three.

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Waddaboutme?   17/2/2009

Clearly, Kevin Rudd’s every act is calculated to reap maximum media exposure. It was just as obvious that eventually commentators would turn on this cynicism. Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight, who was threatened by the fires, has made a telling response.

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Crime and punishment   

UK courts certainly have a perverted concept of victims of crime:
Father-of-three Peter Drummond was so angry when he discovered someone had sold heroin to his family that he took matters into his own hands.
He confronted John Nellies in his home and flushed five of the drug dealer’s bags of heroin down the toilet.
But yesterday it was Drummond – not Nellies – who found himself being jailed in court.
The 26-year-old shook his head in disbelief as he was ordered to serve two months for breaching the peace by barging into Nellies’s home and threatening him.

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But they’ve got their self-esteem   8/2/2009

I’d bet the rent that similar findings would arise in Australia.
Teenagers in Britain have lower IQ scores than their counterparts did a generation ago, according to a study by a leading expert.
Tests carried out in 1980 and again in 2008 show that the IQ score of an average 14-year-old dropped by more than two points over the period.

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Not according to the script   

Strange. Australia has been party to one of the greatest successes in modern international affairs.
In another era this triumph would have been thundered from front pages, led the nightly news and been celebrated in the national parliament.
But it seems that in these partisan days, those who run much of the media hope that if no one mentions it, it will go away.

But there are now real grounds to hope that Iraqis are finally on track to creating a far more decent society than they have ever had. This would never have been possible without the US-led overthrow of the psychotic Saddam gangster family. Now astonishing though it may seem, Iraq may yet even become a model for democratic change in other Arab countries. Which means that one should perhaps reassess some of the Western conventional wisdom of the years since the US-led invasion of 2003, in which the Australian government led by John Howard was a significant partner.

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Deadly inferno   

Tragedy strikes across the state.
As usual, an army of hardy, courageous volunteers have risked lives and endured hellish conditions to help their fellow Australians.
My nomination for Australian of the Year 2010: the volunteer emergency worker. He/she towers over the incumbent.

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Money talks   7/2/2009

Seems Obama doesn’t know the meaning of gratitude.

President Obama’s desire to talk — and talk, and talk — to the American public could cost broadcast networks millions, and millions, and millions of prime-time TV dollars.
Broadcasters are bracing themselves for the likelihood of three prime-time interruptions in three weeks, totaling at least three hours of prime time — and ad breaks — yanked.

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Pathetic poms   

More evidence that once-Great Britain is now a nation of politically correct, socialist sooks.

CAROL Thatcher has been dropped from The One Show by the BBC after referring to a tennis player as a “golliwog” in an off-air conversation.

MPs and local councillors began inquiries into why airports, buses, roads and 10,000 schools were knocked out of action by snow falls that were unusually heavy for Britain, but would have been shrugged off in many other parts of Europe.
Health and safety authorities were doubly damned, accused first of ordering schools to close and then of closing many parks so that the children with time on their hands could not enjoy the heaviest snowfalls in 18 years.

And supporters of their Caledonian git of a PM are the biggest cry babies of the lot.

TOP Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson today apologised after describing Prime Minister Gordon Brown as “a one-eyed Scottish idiot”.
He said in a statement issued by the BBC: “In the heat of the moment I made a remark about the Prime Minister’s personal appearance for which, upon reflection, I apologise.”

Clarkson apologised for referring to Brown’s appearance and ethnicity which is a bit pathetic given that he is a one-eyed Scot. But he didn’t withdraw the “idiot” barb, figuring he’d get no argument there.

Anyone remember when Britain was the home of the stiff upper lip that meshed perfectly with incisive, pomp-pricking, courageous and clever wit?

Anyway, you call that abuse. This is abuse.
The Devil’s Kitchen blog – hat-tip to Boy on a Bike – would have ‘em apoplectic with apology demands:
I was quite looking forward to chucking that miserable monocular **** of a Prime Minister into a boiling English Channel; at the very least I was hoping for a warmer sea environment so that I could lob the fat, useless, Cyclopian ****wit to a pack of ravening Tiger Sharks. Or, just maybe, some tropical weather to make Britain a little more ****ing comfortable.
**** you and your ****ing non-existant, mythological, anthropogenic climate change scam. **** you right in the ****ing ear, you dozy bastards.

Munich, 1936?
She said: ‘One of my friends said an Asian girl from the year above asked her why she was talking to me because I am Jewish. I asked the girl in a friendly manner if she had a problem with me being Jewish. She said “yeah, I do”. I managed to punch her before she hit me but then she grabbed me by the hair and swung me around shouting “f****** Jews, I hate Jews”. But then another Asian girl rounded up a whole gang. They were all in school uniform and they came running towards me shouting “death to Jews” and “kill all Jews.”’

No, a 12-year-old in Birmingham on British multiculturalism in 2009.
How long before we revive the Bring Out A Briton program? This time add Refugee to the title.

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Quote of the day   6/2/2009

In the wake of Rudd’s reconversion to Whitlamist squander policies, I’m indebted to The Australian for providing this timely quote from Margaret Thatcher:
The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

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