Child rapist mollycoddled   31/8/2008

In any street in any town in Australia, 99 per cent of residents would be horrified by this.

A CHILD rapist described by his sentencing judge as the lowest of the low has been allowed a wedding inside a Victorian jail.
And taxpayers have paid for it.

The government minister responsible, Bob Cameron, must know the public would be outraged at just the idea of this. Yet he spits in the face of constituents by permitting such a perversity.
At one time, Labor politicians, if nothing else, upheld the standards of ordinary working people. Now they do the bidding of elitist pyschobabblers, amoral lawyers and any minority that can contribute to a branch-stack.

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More proof of British decay   

Words of compassion and love from a house of devotion, and not just any old place of religious practice:
“We kill him,” she says, “kill him, kill, kill…You have to kill him, you understand?”
Adulterers, she says, are to be stoned to death – and as for homosexuals, and women who “make themselves like a man, a woman like a man … the punishment is kill, kill them, throw them from the highest place”.

Imagine the condemnation from the loony left if such comments came from Catholics or Jews. Ah, but it’s the religion of peace, dontcha know!

I’d imagine there’d be plenty of rational poms who would endorse these sentiments, perhaps even help them become reality:
One preacher even says Muslims shouldn’t live in Britain at all: “It is not befitting for Muslims that he should reside in the land of evil, the land of the kuffaar, the land of the disbelievers.”

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Roy rogered   

Team meetings are anathema to talented performers. Gabfests much beloved by the unproductive nuisances in human resources, they serve mainly to bolster the security of those whose only talent is getting promoted and to give time-wasters further opportunity to shirk.
Good managers don’t need — or want — a team of yaksters to turn their horses into camels. And talented performers need to know only two things: what is wanted and when.
It thus comes as no surprise that an anal twerp like Michael Clarke led the charge to banish the brilliant, gifted allrounder Andrew Symons from the Australian cricket squad for choosing to go barramundi fishing rather than attend a blasted team meeting.
What on earth is the point of planning for a cricket match when the variables of the game defy committee-style planning? Roy was confronted with a choice between enjoying the sheer delight of angling in the tropical spring or sitting around a hotel table listening to what-ifs from overdeveloped egos? No contest.

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Political masterstroke   30/8/2008

John McCain’s vp running mate is an inspired choice: Smart, a looker, a mum of five – one disabled, a proud wife, a record of fighting corruption and big politics and a moose hunter.
Don’t be surprised if she turns out to be the most popular political figure in years, for just one reason: she’s from outside the political machine and it shows. This also means the Obama-infatuated media and the Democrats need to be careful with criticism: her non-elite status will prompt identification politics and attacks on her will be judged by middle-of-the-roaders as attacks on them.
Obama emerged from his sermon in the temple with an eight per cent boost in the polls. I’d say Palin’s appointment has at least cut that in half.
Plenty of links and comments here.

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Olympics losers   24/8/2008

Olympics motto: Faster, stronger . . . drier?
THOUSANDS of Chinese farmers face ruin because their water has been cut off to guarantee supplies to the Olympics in Beijing, and officials are now trying to cover up a grotesque scandal of blunders, lies and repression.

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Big wrap   

Here’s a young Aussie who deserves gold, gold, gold.
AN Australian researcher has won an international prize for her plan to wrap a giant asteroid with reflective sheeting to stop it colliding with the earth and destroying all life.
Such an impact would have the force of 110,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs if the asteroid, which actually exists, hits the planet in 2036, said Mary D’Souza, a PhD student with the University of Queensland’s School of Engineering.

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Obama has a verbal klutz moment. Note the joint ticket placard: it doesn’t exactly spell out loud and clear the identity of his running mate.
The McCain camp has wasted no time in jumping all over the gaffe:
“Barack Obama sounded as though he turned over the top spot on the ticket today to his new mentor, when he introduced Joe Biden as the next president,” McCain campaign spokesman Ben Porritt said. “The reality is that nothing has changed since Joe Biden first made his assessment that Barack Obama is not ready to lead. He wasn’t ready then and he isn’t ready now.”
Another McCain aide told CNN Obama “slipped with the truth that his own experience is too underwhelming to be president.”

Loads of commentary on the Biden selection here. Favourite quote: Empty suit picks stuffed shirt.

Could this be the ticking time-bomb that online Obama opponents were hinting at earlier this month?
And why the cover-up? My guess is that the Obama campaign recognizes that education reform is a hot topic with voters everywhere. Obama, the man with limited executive experience, might not want to highlight his executive belly-flop here, undertaken in partnership with a hard left unrepentant domestic terrorist. But that is just a guess.

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Legal theft   

Yet another compelling reason to shut down the law schools.

TWO people who lost legs in separate accidents while skylarking on freight trains want the taxpayer to pay for their injuries.
Both were children when they climbed on board the trains and they claim authorities were to blame for allowing them to do so.

What’s the betting the government will reach a settlement and give our money to irresponsible idiots and their legal vultures? After all, the government is chock-full of members of the United Brotherhood of Legal Vultures and Parasites. Must look after the comrades, eh?

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Obama picks a mick   23/8/2008

Breaking news:

Barack Obama selected Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware late Friday night to be his vice presidential running mate, according to a Democratic official, balancing his ticket with an older congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Biden, who has twice sought the White House, is a Catholic with blue-collar roots, a generally liberal voting record and a reputation as a long-winded orator.

Across more than 30 years in the Senate, he has served at various times not only as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, but also as head of the Judiciary Committee, with its jurisdiction over anti-crime legislation, Supreme Court nominees and Constitutional issues.

Boy, the McCain camp will have some fun with this chump’s past quotes:

Speaking to the New York Observer: Biden was equally skeptical — albeit in a slightly more backhanded way — about Mr. Obama. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”
Also from that Observer interview: “But — and the ‘but’ was clearly inevitable — he doubts whether American voters are going to elect ‘a one-term, a guy who has served for four years in the Senate,’ and added: ‘I don’t recall hearing a word from Barack about a plan or a tactic.’”
Around that time, Biden in an interview with the Huffington Post, he assessed Obama and Hillary Clinton: “The more people learn about them (Obama and Hillary) and how they handle the pressure, the more their support will evaporate.”
December 11, 2007: “If Iowans believe campaign funds and celebrity will fix the debacle in Iraq, put the economy on track, and provide health care and education for America’s children, they should support another candidate,” said Biden for President Campaign Manager Luis Navarro. “But I’m confident that Iowans know what I know: our problems will require experience and leadership from Day One. Empty slogans will be no match for proven action on caucus night.”

More here.

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Vale Uncle Tom   

A cloud of sadness shadows the Slattery clan today.
My dear old uncle Tom, died tragically yesterday when fire swept through his house. At 94, Tom was ailing, but still quick-witted and cheerful.
A little fella with a big heart, Tom earned his living as a shearer, working some of the toughest runs in the land from the Nullarbor to the Riverina.
Years ago when I landed a job at Mildura’s Sunraysia Daily, Tom recalled the paper once almost copped an Australian Workers Union black ban for the headline: Two men and a shearer killed at Balranald.
My uncle Mick — another friendly and funny bloke — who has been keeping a daily watch on Tom in recent years, tells the Warrnambool Standard about Tom’s passions, particularly his garden.
Regrettably, the Standard has made an omission. Tom is also survived by a son, Des, ironically a resident of Warrnambool where he is well-known for overcoming the loss of his forearms in a work accident.

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Whaling and gnashing of teeth   

As if the Rudd government’s continuing popularity and free-to-air TV programming weren’t sufficient evidence to prove a hefty proportion of the population have custard between their ears, along came Colin (or belatedly, Collette) to make the case water-tight.
A wild animal is abandoned in its habitat and faces a lingering death. Big news, it happens only countless times a day, every day. You could drive just 200km west of Sydney and see scores of wildlife fatalities, courtesy of road traffic. That’s apart from the victims of feral cats, legitimate hunters, natural disasters and disease.
But thanks to the green religion and its practitioners’ lust for attention, a dumbed-down education system, a lazy media that loves a tear-jerker within helicopter distance and a political system that reacts to emotionalism rather than rationale, this completely normal event became news of the week.
In a saner society, as soon as the whale calf appeared in its distressed state the situation would have been summed up quickly and the victim removed from its misery.
Instead it had to suffer for the best part of a week while nutcases of various persuasions metaphorically dropped their trousers in public:

Wildlife experts . . . had been brought in to try to save the 14ft animal, which was serenaded with songs, stroked by vets and gently encouraged to make its way back to the ocean. There had been talk of force-feeding it with baby formula through a tube, but the calf was clearly dying and euthanasia seemed the only option.

A spokesman for the Divine Marine Group said he was 100m away when the calf was given six lethal jabs. He compared what he called the “absolutely disgusting” sight of the whale being towed to the shore with the shocking scenes of a whale hunt. “It looked like a scene out of the Antarctic with a Japanese fishing boat. It was absolutely disgusting,” Alexander John Littingham, a sea captain, told Fairfax Radio Network

Aboriginal whale whisperer Bunna Lawrie tried to soothe the animal Thursday, stroking it while humming a tongue-rolling tune.

Posted by: sheran Triffitt of Brighton 7:04pm August 22, 2008

“Our hearts are breaking with what’s happening with baby Colin,” (NSW Premier) Mr Iemma said.

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Victorian Government advocates apartheid   21/8/2008

Leftwing moonbats fling the word “racist” around so readily it has become devalued. Query the desirability of fundamental islamism in modern society and you’ll be — illogically — branded a racist. Try to discuss something as interesting as why Africans are faster and stronger athletes than their European and Asian cousins, and the subject will be changed for fear of appearing racist. Declare that welfare has been poisoned flour for modern Australian aborigines and the subject will be ignored while co-discussers irrelevantly prattle on about the racism of settlers 150 years ago who allegedly poisoned food given to natives.
Thus, I am reluctant to bandy about the “R” word.
But how else can you describe the proposal by socialist Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls to establish a County Court to deal solely with Aboriginal offenders?
That is correct, a trial court that deals with offenders only of a certain race.
Perhaps the “R” word is accurate . . . but inflammatory. So we’ll call it for what it is . . . the “A” word: Apartheid.
Is there no one on the left who thinks rationally? Or who recognises gross hypocrisy?

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Typecast   15/8/2008

John of Ringwood, commenting at Bolt’s, nails the beloved leader:
Round face, blond hair, full of big ideas, not fully conversant with adult issues and, if reports are correct, subject to outbursts of foul language.
Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Kevin … it even sounds right.

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Been there, heard that   14/8/2008

MareeS, a commenter at Bolt’s, strikes a familiar chord in an observation about manmade global warming scepticism:

And why don’t I feel any guilt about my carbon footprint?
Because I was born a Catholic, and I know all about undeserved guilt.
AGW is inflicting guilt through a protestant prism, attempting to force people into penance.
Funny how lapsed Catholics can spot the tactics.

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Great flying barker’s egg   12/8/2008

This report just in should challenge newsreaders’ straight faces:
GENEVA (AFP) — A giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again, the museum said Monday.

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Hard act   11/8/2008

Chef came back from the dead in South Park. But I can’t see life (or should that be death?) imitating art in this case.

ISAAC Hayes, the pioneering American singer, songwriter and musician, has been found dead at his Tennessee home aged 65.

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Obama — oh dear!   10/8/2008

The US political blog mill is grinding overtime on a looming catastrophic revelation about Barack Obama. Seems there already is plenty of mysterious stuff about his identity and citizenship doing the rounds. With one-time vice-presidential candidate favourite John Edwards in disgrace over an extra-marital affair and its denial, the Clinton camp will be keen to get any new scandal out quick smart so they can present as Democratic saviours at the party convention.

It just gets worse for Obama. The Telegraph reports that Americans are now ready to laugh at him.
Late night comic Jimmy Kimmel also cracked a joke at Mr Obama’s expense: “They really love Barack Obama in Germany. He’s like a rock star over there. Impressive until you realise that David Hasselhoff is also like a rock star over there.”

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The usual suspect   

Here we go! How long before our lefty media run with this theme? It will be comforting for them to again cuddle up to Russia.
A number of experts agree the military conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia is not in Russia’s interests. The Former Georgian Foreign Minister Salome Zurabishvili says the United States could be partly responsible for the violence in South Ossetia.

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Hangin’ out with the big shots   

Reckon this is how the pathetic Rudd thinks:
Golly, I’m important in this job. You wouldn’t believe the things I see and hear. Yes, I was a diplomat. But that was then. Now I’m important and I just have to tell you how much.
Mr Rudd revealed in an interview with Beijing Now in Beijing on Saturday that he was sitting just two rows behind Mr Bush when an “animated” discussion between he and Mr Putin broke out over Russia’s advance into South Ossetia, a breakaway region in neighbouring Georgia.
He’s like the kid down the street who could hardly wait to get home and tell Dad about standing next to Gary Ablett at the urinal.

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Divine selection   

I think we’ve found an opener to replace Gilly.

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