Sick Hicks   31/1/2007

Aw, diddums!
“I am not well, I am not OK and yet you have not done anything for me and the Australian government keeps saying I’m fine and in an acceptable situation.” — David Hicks.
Every day, the situation of this prisoner of war rates a mention in the media. Why?
Go into the supermarkets, the offices, the factories, the bars, the congregation-increasing churches, and the response is almost unanimous — who gives a . . .?
He is a prisoner of war who was prepared to kill Australians and their allies. The war is not over.

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Fresh vista   30/1/2007

The old currant bun’s looking pretty flash today.

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Shining star   28/1/2007

No gloomy honky-tonks for country music star Lee Kernaghan.
“I have a bar at home which I call the Golden Guitar bar,” Kernaghan said. “It is quite bright down there, you need sunglasses to enter.”

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Roll up, roll up   27/1/2007

If they ever make provocation an Olympic event, it will be Gold, Gold, Gold for Charles Murton.
Charles laments the paucity of rational women columnists in Australian media while acknowledging that the media and academia are teeming with female moonbats.
Obviously pursuing a lively discussion, Charles ends his post with a most discreet inquiry:
What’s wrong with the sheilas in this great country of ours??
C’mon girls, tell him. Whatever you like, just tell him.

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Had a Gutfeld   

Greg Gutfeld posted this at the leftwing Huffington Post. He must have a death wish.

Patriotic terrorists love America with so much intensity that it appears to the untrained eye that they hate it. But it’s actually the most powerful form of “tough love” known to man, woman and Rosie O’Donnell. Patriotic terrorists love America so much that they realize it needs an intervention – and real terror is the only way to enable that intervention. In fact, to keep a mammoth, arrogant superpower like America in check, terrorism is the only thing we’ve got. Noam Chomsky knew this from the start, making him a patriotic terrorist of the highest order. This is why he gets the chicks.

It’s a clever, funny piece. Read the lot.

Of course, it attracted highly intelligent expressions of disagreement:

Is this a reprint of your father’s speech endorsing the Third Reich?


I take exception to this post. You seem to think that anyone who wishes to see America on its knees must be a terrorist. Well, better build a huge long wall round the entire country, as most of the rest of the world wants this to happen. the US has squandered its goodwill around the globe, and its face to the world (bush admin) engages in doublespeak. How can you NOT want a State, (which HAS nukes) who tortures, denies due process to hundreds at Gitmo(remember Innocent before PROVEN guilty? quaint concept, huh?), is now allowing HERESAY evidence to help EXECUTE people, committed the highest War Crime -Aggressive Warfare, to have its leadership (now that’s a joke) removed from office, and tried for Crimes Against Humanity? All while they deny that anything like this has ever, or could ever take place because of ‘American Values’. The fact is, the US is pretty much a Rogue State (the exec branch, anyway – and they have the nuke codes). I for one would like to see God teach America a lesson in humility, but i don’t consider myself to be a terrorist – a word that is bandied around so much it has really ceased to mean anything specific. Bomb a building, you’re a terrorist. Fine. Let loose animals caged in scientific experiments (on moral/ethical gronds), you’re an eco-terrorist. Bit messed up, dont u think? Pretty soon , i think we’ll see nonviolent dissidents labeled as ‘passive terrorists’ or something to the effect. Greg, Rome is burning, and you don’t even notice. Hope the flames keep you warm for just a little bit longer, if it makes u feel good, cause one day, a SWAT team will crash thru YOUR door, looking for subversive material – probably your copy of the Bill of Rights. Gnash, gnash, drool, dribble, my brain hurts, stop the voices . . .

All right, all right , I made up the last sentence.

Gutfeld’s views have triggered a petition. But I suspect mischief afoot.

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Oh damn! Looks like the RWDBs won’t have John Kerry to kick around anymore.

Sen. John F. Kerry was facing “enormous pressure” to make another run for the White House and had the backing of most of his inner circle – including his wife – but decided against another tough campaign based on his “gut,” the senator told the Herald.

But remember, Kerry’s infamous for changing his mind.

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Old China to fall to pieces   

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Daily Telegraph says the numbers just don’t stack up for a world-dominating China.

The country will catch the European disease of worker shortages within a decade, and then slither even faster down the demographic curve. By 2050, 31pc will be aged over 65.

They should try immigration. I’m sure squillions of Western socialists would love to live under a communist regime. Yes, and they’d get there by porcine airlines.

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Oldest with the latest   

Here’s a milestone in media history worth recording.
STOCKHOLM (AFP) – The world’s oldest newspaper, Sweden’s Post och Inrikes Tidningar, has embraced the digital age, ending its run as a print publication and opting to be published exclusively on the Internet.

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Eau de poo   

W. C. Fields allegedly asked why would you drink something that fish fornicated in.
Queried as to why he wouldn’t imbibe the stuff, my late grandfather parried with: “Have you seen what it does to radiators?”
After reading this I’m tempted to restrict water consumption to only that which has been part of the maturation and fermentation cycle of the red grape.
AUSTRALIANS must get used to the idea of using water recycled from sewage, the head of Prime Minister John Howard’s water taskforce said yesterday.

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Flannery’s got somewhere   26/1/2007

The Australia Day committee has chosen manmade global warming preacher Tim Flannery as Australian of the Year.
Don’t know if John Howard was behind this appointment but he’ll only benefit from a divide and conquer situation.
As Flannery is susceptible to green myths, his award will please some on the environmental fringe.
However, as a robust advocate for nuclear power, he’ll make Labor cringe and the Greens go ballistic.
Bolta rips into Flannery’s dubious form with the facts.

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Services rendered   25/1/2007

I suspect more than a few ratepayers are offering municipalities their investigatory services in return for rate discounts.

MELBOURNE councils are paying private investigators to receive “sexual services” from prostitutes in the push to shut down illegal brothels.

I’d love to see the invoices.

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We’ll not be rooned, Hanrahan   

“Of droughts and flooding rain.”
What a great Australia Day eve picture in The Australian today:
Max Rayment, Nat Menzies, Chevonne Nel and Shard Nel take to the waters of the Diamantina River outside Birdsville. Picture: Jenna Brook

Images like this remind me of those stories about outback kids aged four or five who go into hysterics at the sound of rain on the roof because they’ve never heard it before.
The accompanying report should be a salient lesson to those who imagine that humans can control the climate, let alone accurately predict it years into the future.

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Short-pants man   23/1/2007

Guess who’s got a certain swagger in his stride today.

A TEENAGER has been accused of being a deadbeat dad by a government agency that claims he fathered a child – when he was three years old.
Tyler Holden, 15, and his family were shocked when he received a letter of demand from the state agency that chases child support from fathers.

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Easier time   22/1/2007

This provides a new dimension to “life sentence”.

WASHINGTON – State prison inmates, particularly blacks, are living longer on average than people on the outside, the government said Sunday.
Inmates in state prisons are dying at an average yearly rate of 250 per 100,000, according to the latest figures reported to the Justice Department by state prison officials. By comparison, the overall population of people between age 15 and 64 is dying at a rate of 308 a year.

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But not the VW?   

These are policies that would go down well with Australian lefties:

Criticizing excessive consumption and self-indulgence, Chavez also announced plans to raise domestic gasoline prices and approve a new tax on luxury goods such as private yachts, second homes and extravagant automobiles.
“The one who will pay is the one who fills up the BMW,” Chavez said of the gasoline tax.

So how do you get around prickly problems like getting such rulings passed into law? Why, you establish a dictatorship. You don’t call it that of course, you have a process called “enabling law”. And it will be all over in 18 months. Oh yeah!

The National Assembly, controlled by the president’s political allies, is expected to give final approval this week to what it calls the “enabling law,” which would grant Chavez authority to pass a series of laws by decree during an 18-month period.

There’ll be an uprising of course. The workers will be bored into revolt:
“Socialism isn’t going to fall from the sky. We are going to understand it, work on it, plant it, sweat it,” said Chavez, praising Marx’s ideals. “Socialism is built on practice.”
Chavez said government officials were considering new legislation that would force businesses to set aside several hours a week for employees to study, and he recommended they read leaflets outlining socialist concepts.

Just imagine it, the burger flipper asks: “Would you like dialectical materialism with that?”

Re-education camps must be just around the corner. To which the Western Left will turn a blind eye; as always.

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Oh, those nasty little people   

Leftwing bias in the ABC? Damned near incontrovertible, I’d say.

FORMER high-profile ABC current affairs host Maxine McKew has been hired by Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd to boost Labor’s chances of winning the federal election.

She’s got company. Barrie Cassidy, Kerry O’Brien, Alan Carpenter, Claire Martin, Mary Delahunty and Bob Carr have all been involved in the ABC as well as the ALP.

But it seems Maxine won’t go for a parliamentary seat until a tsunami of a swing delivers North Shore bailiwicks to Labor.
Crazy Latham in his vitriolic diaries reveals McKew to be a snob of Hyacinth Bucket proportions.
“We had it all lined up before the 2001 election,” (Arbib said). “Irwin was going to the state upper house and Maxine McKew was going to run for Fowler.
“She would have been fantastic but then she backed out, said she couldn’t stand living in Cabramatta or Liverpool.”

Isn’t that just soooooo bourgeois bolshevik.

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Branch line   20/1/2007

If this hadn’t come from Wallace Craig in Midland, Texas, I would have sworn it was the work of someone in the employ of the Mediocre People’s Republic of Brackistan.


“Not my job.”

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Commies cool   

Mein Gott!! A fella turned up beside centre court at the Australian Open last night in a T-shirt emblazoned with a Nazi swastika.
When his garb was pointed out to centre management, they immediately evicted him. The Age and the ABC went into paroxysms of outrage and the Human Rights Commission was planning a vilification prosecution.
True? Nah, but you could imagine it playing out that way.
A bloke however, was shown by the 7 Network in the crowd at the Safin-Roddick match wearing one of those old Soviet Olympics T-shirts bearing the CCCP tag above the hammer and sickle.
Now, this is the brand of a regime that killed and brutalised at least twice as many innocents as the Nazis and is still the rallying symbol for tinpot tyrants and genocidal nutcases the world over.
Yet, not a whimper from those who forever hold the high moral ground.
Strange world.
Boris Johnson pondered this paradox with great lucidity last year.

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Pass on, Pastor   

The last time myth magnet Terry Lane was hoaxed he offered to quit. The least Tezza could do is repeat the offer.
As Matt Schulz reports:

SUNDAY Age columnist Terry Lane has been caught out again quoting unreliable Internet sources, despite a similar “almighty stuff-up” last year leading him to offer his resignation.

C’mon, Tezz, you can do it; it’s not always true — quitters CAN be winners.

Tim Blair elaborates on another gullible who’s fallen for the grand-daddy of bullshit yarns.

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Time for tributes   18/1/2007

Our elders are fading and it’s time for following generations to pay homage.
Not for nothing have they been artfully described as the Greatest Generation.
They were born in the sad shadows of world war, grew up through a crippling depression and reached adulthood in time to risk all in another world war.
Later, they raised families, built communities, created wealth and set the standard for a fair and responsible society.
They achieved it all with faith, decency, discipline and much good humour.
Before it’s too late Australia should have a Year of the GGs. We owe them at least that much as we sit back while no-gooders try to wreck everything they stood for.
Greg Sheridan eloquently describes the world of his GGs in this touching tribute to his recently departed dad.
And doesn’t this intro scream “READ ON!”?

WHAT can you say of a man so determined to wage war on the Zeitgeist that he would do the following? When a Greenpeace activist knocked on his front door seeking funds, he replied that he couldn’t spare them any time as he was busy cooking a whale on his woodchip barbecue.
I am speaking of my father, John Sheridan, who died last week at the age of 86, nearer actually to 87.

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