Bound for Botany Bay   8/8/2006

Blogging will be patchy and long distance for the next week. The beloved and I are off to Sydney for a week. We’re staying in Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, which should be interesting. Harbour cruises, trip to the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury cruise are on the agenda. Any suggestions?

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Media whitewash   

By the length of the Flemington straight, the Terry “Macbeth” Lane scandal is the biggest media wrongdoing story of the week.
The upshot of it all — a message to scribes that you can publish unadultered bullcrap in the “quality” media and keep your job — is certainly worthy of investigation and debate.
It’s the sort of subject Media Watch should be all over like blowies on a steamer.
Surprise. No appearance, your worship.
No surprise. The Illawarra Mercury got a going-over.

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Young oafs   

Charles at Diogenes Lamp has a thought-provoking piece about bad manners and American managerialism.
He’s not wrong in asserting that manners are an unknown concept to many of the emerging population.
I was at a friend’s youngster’s 18th birthday party at a footy club a few weeks ago when the deafening music was turned down so a few speeches could be delivered.
The sound vacuum was immediately filled by loud conversation from almost every table in the place. Despite the obligatory call for “a bit of shoosh” from the stage, the blah-blah went on.
Eventually one of the young “ladies” displayed her lack of manners by roaring from the stage “shut the f*** up!” To no avail.
In the end, I approached one of the noisier tables and requested politely they show some manners. A young bloke reached for his pocket and produced his wallet. He thought manners was some form of ID!!
My host friends who are around 50 were among the older parents at the party and their offspring weren’t offenders. Therein lies the explanation.
Young adults are now emerging who are the offspring of the first generation of guinea pigs subjected to modern “non-education” systems: kids who entered high school in the 70s.
And feminist indoctrination means that the worst behaved and most ill-mannered are quite often 70s teenagers’ daughters.

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Death cultist   

Yes, I’ve seen the many references to the sicko “Green Helmet Man” and his fondness for parading babies’ corpses before the cameras. Gumshoes of the blogosphere have traced him to earlier Hezbollah propaganda stunts and there’s no doubt he has plenty of suckers among those representing Western press agencies.
He’s a nasty piece of work who personifies the death cultism imbued in extremist mussies.
Thanks to commenter Bruce for steering me to this excellent site — EU Referendum — for an incisive insight of Green Helmet Man and his pathetic dupes in the media.

The blog’s author, Richard, explains succinctly why the likes of GHM get such an armchair ride from media dummies:

There are various reasons here, I think. One is the bias that is no longer seen as bias. The MSM tends to lean to the left and takes up all left-wing causes with gusto. This goes even for the supposedly right-wing publications like the Daily Telegraph.
They have all reached a stage when they no longer even understand that they are biased but assume that their own bias is the objective point of view. It is those who depart from it who are weird. We have seen this on matters European, on the reporting of American politics and society and, above all, the Middle East. Here it is axiomatic in most of the MSM that Israel is a land-grabbing, arrogant, aggressive, imperialistic, racist ….. (fill in the blanks) entity, though few would admit that they think the country should not even exist.

Lots of links and links to links here:

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It must be the constant regurgitating of slurs against foes, real and imagined, for Phat Phil has been frothing at the mouth more vigorously than usual of late.
This time he could be in trouble, financial strife that is, if a certain crazy movie star’s father has a canny lawyer protecting his interest. Here’s the Duke of Dunnycart Lane in The Australian today:
To hear him is to fear him. His is the voice of the religious zealot, not a jot different from some Islamic extremist calling for jihad.
One helluva call.

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