Quick, hide!   30/12/2005

That nasty Andrew Landeryou is scaring the children by running pictures of hacks from The Age.

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Donation to Labor . . . priceless   

If you’re going to be exposed in the media, the height of the silly season between Christmas and New Year, is the time to pick.
Thus, minimal reaction will most likely greet this little scandal by a true friend of the Bracks Government. In fact, I suspect government spinners probably leaked this with the public switch-off in mind.
Nevertheless, I’d reckon there’s some bum-twitching among the Labor sisterhood network in which this spendthrift moves.

A TOP state bureaucrat paid for ALP fundraising events and sunglasses with her taxpayer-backed credit card.
Since becoming boss of Geelong’s TAFE in 2000, Martha Kinsman’s monthly corporate credit bills jumped from an average $135 a year to $2670 in the first nine months of this year.

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Hear, hear   29/12/2005

Here’s part of the agenda for 2006:

New Rule: Stop saying that teenage boys who have sex with their hot, blonde teachers are permanently damaged. I have a better description for these kids: lucky bastards.
New Rule: The more complicated the Starbucks order, the bigger the asshole. If you walk into a Starbucks and order a ” decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino , extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n’-Low and one NutraSweet ,” ooh , you’re a huge asshole.

More here

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Better believe it   

Many MSM opionistas resemble some nine-year-olds and their attitude to the reality of Santa Claus. Whether it’s plastic turkeys or students persecuted for their Little Red Books, they just gotta believe it. If it’s not true then it should be.
Here’s the Sacramento Bee running a piece of crap about agents of the Department of Homeland Security interrogating a student because he’d taken out a copy of Mao’s little tome from a library. A week ago at least, the kid fessed up the whole story was bunkum.
Haven’t these idiots heard of Google? Or blogs?

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They’re not the brightest lights in the street, some of these Iraqi terrorists.

A militant group in Iraq has threatened to kill a French water engineer seized three weeks ago, unless France ends its “illegitimate presence” in the country.
A video apparently showing hostage Bernard Planche held at gunpoint was broadcast by Arab channel Al-Arabiya.
The channel said the previously unknown group had demanded French troops leave Iraq. France has no forces in the country and opposed the US-led war.

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Season’s beatings   

Did the accused answer to Billy Bob?
Lahl, 53, had pulled a no parking sign from the ground and was beating another street sign with it, police allege.
As Officer Derrick Clayton approached the not-so-jolly St. Nick, he detected a strong odor of alcohol, and took Lahl into custody on a complaint of destruction of city property and public intoxication, according to the report.

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Selective recall   

Here is another revelation that will go ignored by the elite media whose memories and archives apparently don’t extend to the last century.
BERLIN (AFP) – The CIA’s controversial “rendition” program to have terror suspects captured and questioned on foreign soil was launched under US president Bill Clinton, a former US counterterrorism agent told a German newspaper.

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Allowed to be grown-ups   28/12/2005

In a brilliant appraisal of Howard’s annus terrificus, Janet Albrechtsen points to another glaring paradox in Australian society:
Howard’s year of reform is driven by the idea that what works is letting individuals be free to make their own choices. Which raises a sweet irony in the progressives’ opposition to Howard’s reforms. The Left, after all, let the individualism cat out of the bag back in the 1960s when we were encouraged to “do our own thing” without any state interference. What people did in their personal lives was out of bounds. So why the vitriol when a similar notion is applied to people’s lives once they step inside a workplace, a university or the family home?

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Blinder!!   26/12/2005

Dunno how I missed this one on December 22. But it’s shaping as my favourite headline of 2005. It’s The Sun’s screamer for Elton John’s wedding:

Elton takes David up the aisle

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Best Wishes   25/12/2005

A very Merry Christmas to all who drop by this blog. And a prosperous, eventful New Year to you and yours also.

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No licence, go hungry   24/12/2005

Charity begins at home and zat iz vere it vill stay! It is verboden to venture out the door without the appropriate city ordinance (in triplicate), and it must not be accompanied by any reference to a diety beyond the all-knowing, all-punishing STATE:

BALTIMORE (CNS) (Scroll to second story) — A Jesuit-run college in Baltimore has suspended a food program for the homeless after the city’s health department informed student participants that they could not distribute sandwiches without a license.

Thank God, there’s a few spirited young Christians prepared to give the finger to shiney-bums at City Hall:

We think the regulations are ridiculous,” said Ashley Biggs, an 18-year-old sophomore and the student co-ordinator of the outreach program, called Care-A-Van.
Biggs said students in the college program had been giving out food in a downtown parking lot when Baltimore City Health Department officials asked them to stop Nov. 14.
Four to six students have continued to distribute food at St. Vincent de Paul independent of the college program because “people still need to eat,” she told The Catholic Review, newspaper of the Baltimore Archdiocese.
“Technically, it is illegal,” Biggs added. “They could potentially give us a citation and a fine.”

Well, what do they expect, the food probably didn’t get the Halal treatment.

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Illuminator   23/12/2005

The incisive opinionista at new blog Diogenes Lamp has taken me to task over the term Islamo-fascist. Charles makes a good case for it being a nonsense term more suitable for leftwing banter. The challenge now is to find a more accurate description for the bearded bomber boys and their death worshipping comrades.
Charles is a writer of rare ability and brings much wisdom to the Observation Deck.

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After a few days of Christmas shopping and post-work walks through city streets thronged with revellers, I’m convinced we’re never lived in a more paradoxical society.
We’re the most prosperous we’ve ever been but increasing amounts of our earnings are wasted on consumer crap that will be a sketchy memory in a year’s time.
Vast sources of knowledge have never been more accessible, yet the emerging young adult generation is the most ignorant since the introduction of compulsory schooling.
Political correctness and the exponential growth of a parasitical legal class mean lawful behaviour and expression has never been more regulated. Yet the streets echo with foul-mouthed abuse and uncouth behaviour is rife.
Scientific advances and the free market mean healthy, appealing food has never been cheaper or so widely available. Yet every second person is overweight, every fifth one grossly so.
Feminism has convinced most males to treat women with respect and as equals. So two out of every three women under 25 look like they’ve stepped off the audition line for a $5000 porn movie.
Technology is capable of bringing wondrous experiences to the average person. But you need three remotes, a so-far unpublished easy to understand user manual, and a 10-year-old kid to just get to start-up mode.
Hey, Scrooge isn’t the only GOM out there.

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Neo-wowsers   22/12/2005

The politically correct are the new version of the old wowsers: busybodies, intolerant, not blessed with much intelligence and humourless. In fact they’re so devoid of humour and appreciation of satire that if Till Death Us Do Part were to make a reappearance on network TV, they’d demand a ban on Alf Garnett.
(This applies to the Nuzis at the Victorian Unequal Opportunity Commission).
Anyway, an ex-politician in the US made a little jibe that would elicit a chuckle from most intelligent people. Seems he wasn’t aware he was dealing with the politically correct:
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — When asked on a form he was filling out if he had a disability, former state Sen. Neil Bryant wrote: “white/male.”
It was meant as a joke, but the notation was written on his nomination form to serve on the board of Oregon Health & Science University, a position for which Gov. Ted Kulongoski had recommended him.
Bryant has now withdrawn his name from consideration and apologized.

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They don’t come tougher   

Feeling a bit sorry for yourself because it doesn’t look like Santa will bring you what you want. Yeah, well he’s got only so many glamourous blondes who come strapped to a Hum-vee and I’m up for mine.
Seriously, take a few minutes and go and read the most touching, brave year’s round-up you’ll see this season. And be grateful for your lot.
She’s a 24-carat, courageous, funny-as-a-busted-arse hero.

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NYT’s blatant bias exposed   20/12/2005

Expect the New York Times’ sensational scoop about President secretly authorizing the National Security Agency to spy on Americans to quickly drift off the radar.
You see, he was only continuing a practice enjoyed by his predecessor. This is common knowledge scooting around the internet, yet the NYT’s article doesn’t come close to mentioning it.

During the 1990’s under President Clinton, the National Security Agency monitored millions of private phone calls placed by U.S. citizens and citizens of other countries under a super secret program code-named Echelon.
On Friday, the New York Times suggested that the Bush administration has instituted “a major shift in American intelligence-gathering practices” when it “secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans and others inside the United States to search for evidence of terrorist activity without [obtaining] court-approved warrants.”
But in fact, the NSA had been monitoring private domestic telephone conversations on a much larger scale throughout the 1990s – all of it done without a court order, let alone a catalyst like the 9/11 attacks.

Delicious irony there: the “fake but accurate” 60 Minutes archives doing in the lying New York Times.

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Help wanted   18/12/2005

I’m preparing a submission on improving a newspaper’s net presence and figured the best source of useful information would be compulsive net news trekkers who sometimes drop into this site.
I’d welcome any links to small daily newspaper web sites that are doing the job well and differently.
And any suggestions on what you think such a site should offer would be most welcome, bearing in mind the first criterion is paying its way.

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Up wrong tree   16/12/2005

Lazy commentators have been barking “racists” all week about the Cronulla boofheads.
But something is not quite right there. If the predominately Anglo-Celtic Cronulla yoofs were incorrigible racists, as the media would have it, wouldn’t they dish out similar treatment to Chinese, Jews, Russians, Indians or Islanders?
They didn’t. In fact one of the great ironies in the media this week was a photo in The Australian last Tuesday of Cronulla beach in the riot’s aftermath. Cops were pictured on a softly-softly patrol among sunbakers and surfers with two smiling, apparently carefree young women of Chinese extraction in the foreground. They clearly did not feel racially threatened.
It was also reported that the Cronulla wackers welcomed Islanders to their fray, presumably because they were pretty adept at busting skulls.
No, it’s not race that’s at issue here, it’s culture. And while the nulla culture of booze and boards might get up the noses of elites who would prefer all blue-collar yobbos in a western suburbs gulag, it’s a long way from armed gang attacks and rape.
Confused Sydney Morning Herald web diarist Andrew West wrote pithily on this earlier in the week. (I say confused because the net forum has forced Andrew to realise what every journalist should know instinctively: If you’re going to deliver an opinion, you’ll get assorted responses, including those from readers who have misunderstood your point. So Andrew withdrew his original article, then published an explanation, saw his original comments published in The Australian and finally returned the post to the forum.)
Andrew is still concerned that to discuss race-ethnicity and culture invites bigotry on one side and politically correct censorship on the other. He ought to have more confidence in the truth emerging from informed debate.
If we don’t discuss these vital issues and agree to act on shortcomings, we cede control to the bigots and the censors.
Yesterday, Peter Ryan in The Australian, recollected the shameful treatment politically correct censors gave to a great Australian, Geoffrey Blainey, 20 years ago when Blainey dared to question whether our rate of immigration was too intense for public comfort. Blainey’s crime was to wonder whether newcomers were coming from cultures so far removed from the Australian experience that it could cause long-term friction.
Of course, it’s history — scuse the pun — that vastly inferior scholars hounded Blainey from his Melbourne University head of history position for commiting the grevious crime of calling for wide discussion on a subject that touched every Australian, whether a sixth-generationer or fresh off the jet.
Uber contrarian Keith Windschuttle today in The Australian adds more substance to the contention that the riot was more about culture than race. And his facts are disturbing:

When the former principal of Punchbowl Boys High, a school dominated by Lebanese Muslim youth, suffered a breakdown and sued the NSW government, he gave an insight to the local culture.
Between 1995 and 1999, students armed with knives had threatened classmates, teachers were assaulted and gangs invaded classrooms.
On one occasion, the principal had a gun held to his head by a Lebanese gang member who threatened to shoot him.
One of his students was convicted of murdering a Korean schoolboy and three other students were jailed for their roles in some of Sydney’s most notorious gang rapes.
In 1997, during a house fire in another Sydney ethnic ghetto at Auburn, known as Little Lebanon, police and firefighters were attacked by youths hurling rocks.
An ambulance had a window shot out, ensuring all future ambulance calls to the locality were accompanied by police escort.

Of course, differences between the tribes that official multiculturalism encourages usually fade with emerging generations. Just in my circle of acquaintances, there is a Dutch-Aussie couple, a Turkish-Aussie pair, a German-Italian, a Scottish-Italian, an Irish-English and plenty of Aussie combinations who would severely admonish their kids for using a racial epithet.
But Windschuttle reveals there is one foundary where this melting pot is not getting stirred. Guess whose?
Only 6 per cent of Indians married within their ethnic group, as did only 18 per cent of Chinese.

In short, most immigrants, whatever their race, married Australians of other nationalities.
However, for the Lebanese, of whom most of marriageable age were Muslims, these figures were reversed.
No less than 74 per cent of Lebanese brides and 61 per cent of Lebanese grooms married within their own ethnic group.

Michael Duffy exposes another cultural sector reacting to the Nulla-Lebs conflict — middle-class snobs.
The usefulness of Cronulla last Sunday, of course, is that at last something bad did happen. But the outrage is as selective as ever. As has been reported elsewhere, Bondi Beach had problems with Lebanese gangs a few years ago, but the police response was serious and effective. After all, we can’t have that sort of thing going on at the beach used by wealthy people who’ve been to university. But the similar complaints by the white trash at underpoliced Cronulla have received less attention. Again, it’s as much to do with class and power as race.

Deny that, trendy Fairfax readers.

This comment at Tim Blair’s summarises the whole affair from a local, knowledgeable perspective. The following excerpt is right on the money. Then go and read the lot and ask why the hell isn’t the mainstream media digging into certain “root causes”.
The root cause of this is dirty ALP local politics and local political patronage. That is why Lebanese Muslim criminals in Iemma’s electorate are never affected by proper policing unless it is led by the Federal Police and or ASIO. The NSW Police are obviously under instructions not to upset the local criminal’s in Iemma’s electorate. His electorate is nearly 50% Muslim and they make up his local political base. He has to repay their support as they probably ran the ethnic sectarian branch stack that got Iemma into office in the first place. As a result Iemma has a hands off approach to law and order that might affect his political base. That is why there will be plenty of arrests of everyone except Lebanese Muslims

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Moore and more   14/12/2005

Michael Moore has denied owning a stocks portfolio and in particular, shares in Haliburton.

In a nationally televised speech, filmmaker Michael Moore told a college audience he absolutely does not own any Halliburton stock – or any other stock for that matter – a charge leveled at him by author Peter Schweizer in the best-seller book “Do As I Say (Not As I Do).”
“I think people find that stuff funny – Michael Moore owns Halliburton stock,” said Moore in the Nov. 23 Mott College speech carried by C-SPAN. “That’s like a great comedy line. I know it’s not true. I’ve never owned a share of stock in my life — anything. Did anyone see that a couple weeks ago? Somebody was yakking away. And I just thought, uh, that’s funny, I guess. Anyone who knows me is not going to believe that. Who’s going to believe that? Just crazy people are going to believe it.”

Well, the guy who made the original claim, Peter Schweizer, concedes that maybe, just maybe, Fatso was a victim of dirty tricks.
I don’t think so, but it’s fun conjecture, anyway.

How is it possible for Michael Moore to say he doesn’t own any stock while his tax forms say otherwise? Since Michael Moore simply never lies, this must be a case of identity theft.
Here is what must have happened. Someone set up a tax shelter and registered it at Michael Moore’s home address in Michigan. The thief transferred money from Moore’s accounts into this private foundation and then hired an investment broker to pour the money into corporate stock and bonds. The thief must have practiced forging Michael Moore’s name because the signature on the tax form is a perfect match. To make matters worse, the thief must look exactly like Michael Moore because the only other person involved with the tax shelter is his wife, Kathleen Glynn, and she never noticed anything going wrong. (The private foundation has no staff or other trustees.)

Seriously, Schweizer mounts a pretty strong case that Lardguts owned the shares and lied about it. Certainly, the accusation is worthy of investigation by media with the resources. If it’s not true then His Obesity’s mates in the media will have a RWDB saboteur to crucify.

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Bad man   13/12/2005

It’s a sure bet this moonbat will never be described as a hot chick.

“To give you an example from Germany, it is mostly men who are going by car. Women are going by public transport mostly,” Rohr told Cybercast News Service. Rohr was standing in front of her booth, which featured a banner calling for “creative gender strategies” from “rural households to global scientific bodies.”
“In most parts of the world, women are contributing less [to greenhouse gasses],” Rohr continued. But it is the women of the world who will feel the most heat from catastrophic global warming, she said.

Lid-dip to Charles Murton who says “It’s always good value when two areas of left wing idiocy are rolled into one.”

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