Wet season   20/7/2014

Hopkins Falls is roaring after recent heavy rain. So far this July we’ve had 54mm of the month’s average of 88mm, with more heavy downpours expected next week.

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Hard homework   

Uh, uh, uh, aawww. . . It’s OK, Dad, I’m only doing a project for school.

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Throw Nanny, throw   

Any sports nut with a heart will be hoping and praýing for at least one strike.

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Heat’s off   

The International Panel on Climate Change, the official harbinger of the much disputed theory of manmade global warming, has finally admitted that no such thing has occurred for 17 years. So what’s the billions worth of fuss been about?

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A fave   

One of the great doo-be-doo-be-doo songs. And clever as hell lyrics:

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On yer bike, Mo   2/7/2014

Good news for all those unhappy jihadis who can’t stand the West’s decadent way of life: they’ve now got a place to call home.

Islamists! Hear ye, hear ye! The Caliphate has been declared!
Rejoice amongst yourselves! Celebrate with champagne sparkling water, women loads of other blokes, and a great deal of glee confusion. Come on! It’s time to go! Hey guys, the Caliphate has been declared! You’ve been banging on about this moment for ages now. Book your flights! You can now all finally live in the splendour squalor which you have long-imagined and campaigned for!

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Expedition   28/6/2014

As a boy, I stayed with an uncle at Apsley, and was intrigued by the name of a nearby place, Bringalbert. I hadn’t thought of it until reading this, about 55 years down the track. Who was Albert? And more importantly, did they bring him?

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Bloody good time   19/6/2014

Great get-together in Terang last weekend for a reunion of the Bloods’ 1960s U18 players, including the 1962-64 sides which suffered only one defeat and a draw in three seasons. Frank Maguire, who coached the sides, was presented with mounted photographs, much to the 94-y-o’s delight. One of the organisers, Mick Harris, sent me this moving report:
“On Friday night when he arrived at the Middle (Hotel) with Terry I took him around and due to his eyesight failing introduced him to all the blokes that were there. When I introduced Charlie Payne to him, Charlie got a little bit emotional, which just goes a little way to showing the respect a person like Charlie has for his former mentor.”

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Master’s voice   

Some interesting points about immigration from my former employer. Much of what he’s saying could have been directed at Australia a generation ago. Nevertheless, I’m sure he’ll be quoted out of context by certain parties.

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Perhaps they thought he said he had a sore boulder?

An NHS Hospital Trust has issued an “unreserved apology” after mistakenly sending a patient with an injured shoulder for a testicle scan.

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Back to Bloods   28/5/2014

A remarkable footy feat will be celebrated next month with a reunion of Terang Under 18s early 1960s players.
The event focuses on the teams of 1962-64 which lost only one game and drew another over that span. The 1962 side went undefeated.
Players who donned the Bloods’ blue and red included later VFL players Charlie and Ian Payne, Daryl Griffiths, Daryl Salmon and Brian McKenzie. My little mate, Ron Wearmouth, could have played with the Terang Thirds but opted to play seniors at Noorat where he was recruited by Collingwood.
The reunion will be held at Terang Recreation Reserve on Saturday June 14 at the Terang/Mortlake V Camperdown match, beginning at noon and kicking on until all hours when no doubt the drop kicks will get longer, the goals more miraculous and bumps more bone-crushing.
Meals will be available at the club on the Saturday night and partners and friends are most welcome
For further information and registration contact:
Mick Harris on 0421236354 or email mickbharris@hotmail.com Terry Baker 0411452509 or email tpbaker7@bigpond.com

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Both sides now   13/5/2014

This is all that contrarian commentators demanded throughout those dismal years of media mass-unanimity.

Given the past six years of tortured federal leadership and the attempt to shunt blame on to an imagined media vendetta, it is instructive to look at the criticism being meted out to the Abbott government. Staunch News Corp critics of Mr Rudd and Julia Gillard — such as Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Chris Kenny — have been earliest and strongest in their condemnation of Tony Abbott’s broken election promises. This shows the dispassionate consistency we need to see in a national debate, as do cogent arguments from News Corp writers such as Terry McCrann and Greg Sheridan arguing virtually the opposite point of view. For the past six years, on the liberal-Left side of the media and political divide, we have seen a blancmange of groupthink and a delusional denial of obvious failings, presumably in an attempt to buttress a government whose ideals were cherished.

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Climate of non-belief   

A senior officer has jumped ship.

“For most of his career, he has been a prominent member of the warmist establishment, subscribing to all its articles of faith – up to and including the belief that Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick was a scientifically plausible assessment of the relationship between CO2 emissions and global mean temperature.
But this week, he signalled his move to the enemy camp by agreeing to join the advisory council of Britain’s Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), the think tank created by the arch-sceptical former Chancellor Lord Lawson.”

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‘Eees a hamster   8/5/2014

Of mice and mentions at the Washington Post

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Hop on the bus, Gus   29/4/2014

Might be time to explore one of those 50 ways.


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How much can a polar bear? 
Remember when arctic circle warming was supposed to be killing off the bruins of the far north? Now the threat to polar bears comes from too much cooling. 


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Collector’s special   26/4/2014

Whoopee! Sandgroper brother Rick has acquired me a copy of yesterday’s Fin Review which went to press (and out the other side) in WA with every editor’s worst nightmare of a front page.


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Multiple hitchings   7/4/2014

After eight wives and scores of movies, they’ve finally taken the Mickey.

An MGM star in the 1930s and ’40s, the 93-year-old’s long career started as a child actor in a series of silent short comedies.

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Freedom lost   31/3/2014

Yes, I remember.

Remember the Sixties, when self-styled revolutionaries went to barricades and courtrooms in their crusade for absolutely unfettered free speech?”

It was when the Left stood for freedom, and certainly not politically correct harrassment.

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Smalls mercy   7/3/2014

And now, it’s time to offer a prayer to Saint Knickerless.

NAIROBI, Kenya (CBSDC/AP) – A local pastor has ordered all women who attend service at Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church to refrain from wearing undergarments while attending so that they can more easily receive the spirit of Jesus Christ.

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